Why Do We detox?

Hey Detox Dude, what's the point? Doesn't our body detox on it's own?

Just look at your kitchen pantry, your bathroom, or your laundry room.

Over 90% of substances that we use around the house, ingest orally or put directly on our skin are loaded with chemicals. Most of this stuff is just 100% pure chemicals! This is leading to human suffering on a massive scale.

These toxins, compounded over time in the organs and glands, have a way of creating biochemical havoc, preventing us from connecting to the divine, and acting as an anchor towards low vibrational frequencies.

I spent three years fighting against this biochemical gradient, and I must tell you, it’s an impossible fight without detoxification as an ally.

Did you know that we are injected with mercury and aluminum (some of the most toxic substances on the planet) at an extremely young age in the form of vaccinations? Or that most of the animal products people eat are just the depressed result of an animal caged for their entire lives, tortured, and given genetically modified feed? Did you know that cancer is a $120+ billion industry and we use toxic chemicals like chemotherapy and radiation to kill it?

Or that we load our municipal drinking water with fluoride, a known neurotoxin and aluminum manufacturing byproduct! I can go on and on about what’s going on in this world, but if you follow the money, you can find that almost everything we are taught is so beyond ass-backwards it is virtually a cosmic joke. We are also taught that we are just logical meatbodies floating around on the planet with a sole purpose of working, making money, and raising a family. We are so much more than this but we seemed to have forgotten.  

We are all part of the grand tapestry that is nature.

The planet is sick right now and so are we! In some sense, we are victims of the greed and manipulation of the powers at be. It is not our faults that we are sick, but it is our problem. And we can’t get out of this problem with the same level of consciousness that got us into it.The truth is that we are just like the creatures in the movie Avatar. When you connect and experience that knowingness, the rest of life becomes way more amazing. In my opinion, a structured and comprehensive detox protocol is essential for realizing and experiencing this truth and it must target heavy metals, parasites, yeast, plastics, estrogens, and other chemicals that are deeply embedded in our organs and glands.

Aside from an increased ability to connect to the divine, there are amazing other benefits that come along with it:

  • Increased sex drive & libido
  • Harder & stronger erections
  • Increased productivity
  • Digestion of steel
  • Increased energy
  • Lighter, brighter and more intense eyes
  • Cure for addictive behaviors
  • Stronger intuition
  • Cracking open and decalcification of the 3rd eye
  • Clearer, glowing skin
  • The ability to feel your deepest self
  • Raising your vibration allows you to manifest your dreams
  • Elimination of body odor
  • Restorative sleep
  • More creativity
  • Strengthened immune system
  • A strange sense of peace and calmness

Chances are that if you've been researching health for a while, you have probably had this kind of experience:

You start a new supplement, diet, or juice cleanse – felt amazing for three days and then thought that all of your health problems were solved? Coming back to “reality” after feeling great for a few days and telling all your friends and family about the new fad can be one of the most frustrating things on this journey. And trust me, I have done this hundreds of times, and it is very deflating.

Most people in the health world have their own specialty. Their own “shtick.” To name a few, there are the raw-vegans, the juice-fasters, herbalists, the water-fasters, the urine drinkers, the DMSA chelators, nutritional/mineral balancing, paleo, the coffee enema crew, keto etc. After I spent over 4 years and $150,000+ combined hopping around each of the different organizations and living my life accordingly, I came up with this conclusion:

Every single group of people thought that their methods were the best out there.

Just like specialists in the medical field, when people specialize in something they focus on one thing, and miss out on a bunch of amazing information. There are a lot of biological reasons this happens, mostly because humans have a tendency towards simplicity, linear thinking and a desire to wrap our limited minds around super complex and unlimited processes.

It is easier to believe that one person has the answer or that the “answer” can be found in one thing. One supplement, one diet, one cleanse. It’s not as simple as just juicing or fasting anymore. The levels of toxicity have increased in intensity and complication, thus the formula for healing must expand.

As The Detox Dude, I am obsessed with seeing how all of these different cleansing modalities, diets, herbs, genetics, and supplements (both ancient and modern) come together and interact with each other. I continuously ask myself – How do these things overlap and what is the order of operations?

You probably already heard my story and know that I have been through hell and back. I experienced years and years of debilitating depression, anxiety, inability to digest foods, and an inability to cope with life. I resurrected myself from the dead after years of trial and error, suffering and extraordinary amounts of money. I had a diseased brain and gut full of parasites, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, and lead. I learned a thing or two the hard way after going through my journey:

  1. I always want to learn from people who have been through the fire. One minute of experience is worth more than 100 hours of textbooks.
  2. No one person, diet, supplement, or cleanse has the complete answer for long-lasting life transformation.  
  3. Detoxification is not just a physical process.
  4. And no, not even The Detox Dude has all the answers

Okay, so you get it. Detoxification is fucking awesome.

Now what?

Check out the photos below, and then let's dive deeper with the Action Tab.

Image of Josh Macin before gut healing, parasite cleanse and heavy metal detoxJosh Macin, founder of the Detox Dudes, after healing anxiety, depression, and mercury poison

Here is me in March 2018. No makeup no filters no editing.

Here is me two days before I was supposed to go to Africa. This was the photo I took for my Gabonese Visa

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