Head Coach Needed

The Detox Dudes has been on an exponential boom in the last few months. 

More and more people are needing to detoxify as mental and physical ailments are at an all time high on the planet. 

I am looking for somebody that wants to co-create and be a head-coach for a detoxification/biohacking mastermind. My 1 on 1 coaching is fully booked until Feb 2023, masterclass sales are through the roof, but I need to create something for the countless people emailing and messaging me who want more.

A product in between coaching & the masterclass. 

Below are traits that I would be looking for in the individual (male or female): 

  • Must like and know my work. You don’t have to be a “die-hard” fan but somebody who knows my history and what I do. 
  • Must be extremely savvy with detoxification, biohacking, regenerative medicine, and all things health. 
  • Must be willing to be client-facing. Talking with clients on Slack and Zoom and possibly in person. 
  • High integrity and accountability. You do what you say you are going to do. 
  • Health is your passion and your purpose. 
  • Authenticity and humility are a must! 
  • Must be in positive spirits, feeling good and healthy in their body! Not to be in perfect health, it's okay if you are still on a journey (we all are), but if you are still dealing with chronic illness this won’t work unfortunately :( 
  • Good and stable internet connection and living situation. 
  • Sharp mind, clear and direct communicator 

Bonus Items that I really value!: 

  • Knows how to close and/or willing to handle the incoming leads and “sales” calls. 
  • Digital marketing knowledge (clickfunnels, Kajabi, facebook ads, VSLs etc.) 
  • Video Editing skills 
  • Some Social media presence

The pay depends on what kind of skills the individual is bringing to the table, and if they are willing and skillful with incoming sales calls. $3k - $5k a month for the first 3 months. Could go up to $8k+ a month eventually, but more conversation is needed. 

If you are interested in this role, please record a video with your iphone. ONLY A VIDEO, no written applications. 12 minutes maximum length. Send the video to josh@thedetoxdudes.com and answer the following questions: 

  1. Why do you want to be a head coach for The Detox Dudes? 
  2. What do you like about my work? 
  3. Why do you believe in detox/biohacking? 
  4. Have you had a health journey? Tell me about it. 
  5. What do you want in your life? What are you missing? What do you long for? 
  6. What is your unique mastery? 
  7. What is a secret that you have that you might be ashamed of? 
  8. What are your biggest fears? 
  9. If I was out of integrity, and I f*cked something up during our work, how would you handle it? 
  10. What training (personal or professional) do you have in detox and health? What about coaching? 

Any other authentic rants are more than welcome. Brag about yourself. Why are you the one I should choose? Why are you epic? What value will you bring into my world and all our clients? Why does this excite you? 

Also, please share your social media profiles in the email that you reply back with. 

This mastermind will be an elite group for those interested in health, biohacking, and sovereignty. 

This head coach role is perfect for somebody who is bursting with knowledge and passion for health, but hasn’t figured out a way to convert it to a full-time living yet…

We will respond to every video with an email, and I will reach out to you personally with your availability for a zoom call if I want to go deeper with your application. 

I’m not looking for perfect. I am looking for real… 


Joshua Macin