Taking action towards your best physical, mental, and spiritual self with detoxing protocols.

Even with that cool introduction, detoxification is still overwhelming. One site says to do this, another site to do something else, and then a doctor says to do the total opposite thing… It’s my full time job and I still get overwhelmed. Don’t worry – I am about to teach you how to transform your life. For free. There is no manipulation, sales techniques, or marketing strategies involved. Just brutal honesty. I do use amazon affiliate links, so I get to make some extra cash on the side. But I never recommend a supplement unless I truly believe in it’s healing benefit.

Let’s start with the GUT…

I know there is a strong allure to jump right into hardcore detoxification, but please for your own sake let’s pump the breaks here. The absolute first thing that needs to be addressed is our gut and colon health before we can make any progress with anything else. The colon is the central channel where most toxins evacuate from, and when the inner walls of our colon are leaky every single toxin that leaves our body gets reabsorbed into our bloodstream, worsens symptoms and royally fucks up the process. Furthermore, when the gut is inflamed, a down-regulation of our natural detox mechanisms take place preventing real progress from being made. I literally spent 3.5 years of torture and $150,000 to “mastermind” the above paragraph. Fuck that is an expensive paragraph!

Below are some of my favorite gut-healing supplements.

  1. Heathers Tummy Acacia
  2. Dr Axe Leaky Gut support – ProBiome
  3. Slippery Elm Bark Powder
  4. Restore4Life
  5. Colostrum

I’m no doctor so I don’t want to give you exact dosing, but the recommended daily dose (RDD) should suffice for all of these.

Now, I get it. You are probably thinking, “How can we possibly heal our guts if the heavy metals and toxins are causing the inflammation in the first place? The answer to that question leads me to the next piece of the puzzle…


Without binders, I would not be alive to share my story with you all. Binders are essential for every range of health in my opinion. From the deathly ill all the way to the moderately healthy person trying to become superhuman. Binders are highly negatively charged substances that go into your intestines and act as a “magical vacuum” sucking up all the positively charged pollutants. (heavy metals, pesticides, plastics etc.) This is a process and does not happen by taking binders once, but rather over the course of several months or even longer. Binders help to reduce inflammation in the gut caused by free floating toxins, improve herxheimer reactions, and also helps to remove mucoid plaque from the body. Yes folks, mucoid plaque is real as fuck. I used to be a materialistic, skeptical, reductionist data analyst at Microsoft and I am telling you from the bottom of my heart that mucoid plaque is very real.

To give you the long and short of it: mucoid plaque is created after years and years of incorrect food combining, toxins, stress, and mucous forming foods. The next time you clean your sink pipes, take a look at what is inside those pipes, then you can get an idea of what happens to our intestines after decades of eating Pop-Tarts. Anyway, this mucoid plaque stores deep seated emotions and traumatic memories, and when you rid this from your body, you also release those emotions. So while removing this plaque (slowly over time) is an essential piece of the health puzzle, rebuilding the body’s nutrient supply and removing the deeply stored metals, toxins and parasites from our other organs is just as important and this is what the new-age hippy vegan juice movement is failing to address. Also, many people attempt to rid of their plaque on a 14 or 28 day juice cleanse, and I find this is much too harsh for 80% of the people out there. It requires fasting which depletes our mineral reserves and can exacerbate some mental conditions caused by toxicity. We got in this mess over the course of many decades, it’s going to take some time to reverse it. Marathon, not a sprint. Furthermore, another reason I believe mucoid plaque should be removed over time for those with chronic illness, is that if your head is blocked, your gut is blocked. What I mean by this is that if you are lost in thought, anxiety, and stressed your body will simply not release this stuff. So we get healthy by detoxing but we detox way better when we are healthy, calm, and stable.

‍(Here is ~2% of the plaque that has come out of me)

Some questions to all of the mucoid plaque debunkers out there:

  1. Why does the rubbery substance not come out every time?
  2. How can something as benign as bentonite clay and psyllium husk smell so ungodly, ancient, and horrific as mucoid plaque?
  3. Why is mucoid plaque hardcore vantablack, despite the fact that psyllium husk and bentonite clay is grey?
  4. Why is some of the mucoid plaque an impenetrable rubber-like substance? Try to replicate this in a lab, it’s not possible. I have tried.

Anyway, my favorite thing to do is make a binder cocktail that includes 8-9 different binders, psyllium husk powder, and 8-10 oz of water. Drinking this first thing in the morning (4-6 mornings a week) has drastically changed the level of my health and in my opinion is absolutely essential for a complete detox protocol.

Each binder has a different binding affinity – meaning it excels at binding one type of toxin better than the others. Below are some binders that you can get started with:

  1. BioPure ZeoBind
  2. Prescribed4Lifeand/orBulletproof Coconut Charcoal
  3. BioPure Microsilica
  4. Modified Citrus Pectin
  5. Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

Another really cool binder that should not be mixed into the cocktail, but taken separately is enterosgel. Enterosgel is a silica-based binder that has intelligence (only binds to the bad stuff) and also creates a protective layer around the inner walls of your colon. It is incredible for food poisoning.

Mix the RDD (sometimes I go 2x for each) for all binders in a glass mason jar with 8-10 oz of spring or distilled water. Shake vigorously and drink first thing in the AM. Do not eat a meal or take supplements within 60-75 minutes after taking the cocktail, as it will be wasted and sucked into the vacuum of doom. If you are on a budget, just try using bentonite clay, coconut charcoal, and psyllium husk. But in my opinion, this is a place to stretch your budget.

The Binder Dilemma – Many binders attach to some nutrients (vitamin C) as well as the bad stuff. So a proper diet and nutrient replenishing system needs to be in place or else excessive use of binders can cause malnourishment in the long haul. I have been safely using binders for 16 months without any problems. Also, binders and psyllium husk cause constipation, so you absolutely must get your bowels moving during this process – or else everything is for null.

Bowel Cleansing

My favorite methods for bowel cleansing are as follows:

  1. Magnesium Oil – 50-75 sprays orally (mixed with water because tastes like shit)
  2. Oxy Powder
  3. Gaia Herbal Laxative Pills
  4. Suppositories with Vitamin B1 + NAC (Not good if you have high levels of anxiety or are very ill)
  5. Salt-Water Flush – Amazing for remineralizing the body and cleansing the small intestine.
  6. Colonics – If you really want to take your health to the next level, I strongly recommend investing in your own colema board. A colema board is a $300 investment which allows you to do colonics for near-free for the rest of your life. A typical colonic appointment costs $90 and uses a closed-system that forcefully inserts water into your rectum. This open-gravity system uses the force of gravity to smoothly and sustainably insert water into your bum. Watch this video to learn how to do one.
  7. Coffee Enemas – 1x per week max

Whatever you do, unless you want to be introduced to the laws of jet propulsion, do not do more than any two of these methods in one day. And on average, just one should suffice.


The elixir of life- our body is made up of 70% of it. Tap water all around the country has been found time and time again to contain pharmaceutical drugs, toxic metals, viruses and pathogens, and hundreds of other chemicals. Somebody who is serious about their health should never drink tap water. Some people think bottled water is the solution? Very wrong. Unfortunately, most bottled water is just as toxic – and through transportation in hot conditions, dangerous levels of BPA are also leached into the water. The best remedies I have found for this epidemic is to purchase a Big Berkey water filter, AquaTru water filter, home-delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water, forage your own spring water, purchase spring water from glass bottles in grocery stores, or purchase a water distiller (use discount code ‘detoxdudes' for 5% off). If international, you can call them for their 240v model, and tell them I sent you for 5% off. I am a huge fan of distilled water, especially during intense detox reactions, spiritual crises, or down days.  I once read a Mercola article that distilled water leads to early death – and I completely disagree. Distilled water is negatively charged and some claim it leaches minerals from the body. Many who have gone deeper have found that it only leaches inorganic minerals from the body. In my mind, the ideal water situation would to be drinking ~50% home distilled water and ~50% clean spring water.

Supplements & Superfoods

I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I have spent on supplements. I think I have probably paid several different Amazon employees their full-year salaries over the course of four years. What I am about to share with you, in my opinion, are some of the most important supplements for detoxification support, remineralization, and biological harmony. Many you have probably heard about or taken, but have you taken them altogether with binders and gut integrity? That is the real question.

I know about and have taken ridiculous amounts of the cool supplements like quinton, ashitaba, biofilam, ecklonia kava, chaga, schizandra, black maca, maqui berry, pine pollen, velvet deer antler, moringa, royal jelly, marine phytoplankton, and shilajit – and it feels really cool to blow people's minds with supplements they have never heard of, but I will simply share with you the stuff that I think can lead to the most radical shifts in the shortest period of time, for the cheapest price, and for the vast majority of people.

Nature's Way Kelp or *Global Healing Center Iodine – Iodine is essential for removing bromides, chlorine, and fluoride. Also nourishes the thyroid. Males can try rubbing iodine on their testicles for increasing Testosterone.

*Fulvic Acid or Shilajit – Fulvic acid is a miracle acid found in humic shale that is essential for nutrient absorption, detox, and the immune system

Garden of Life Primal Defense and/or Bravo Yogurt – Probiotics. GcMAF is found in Bravo yogurt. You should read up on GcMAF. In fact, it’s so controversial that I am probably now on some list because I included it on my website.

Garden of Life C and/or *Liposomal C – powerful brain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

B-Complex – Many B vitamins are missing from our diet and are needed for detox pathways

*PureAbsorb Liposomal Glutathione – Master antioxidant, essential for detoxification

Ancient Minerals Magnesium lotion or (64 oz oil) – The magnesium miracle. Super important for biological harmony. In my opinion you can’t overdo this. Also, taken transdermally is far more effective than oral.

Enzymedica DigestGold w/ ATP Pro – for digestive issues, to be taken for 1 year or less

Ubiquinol – for mitochondrial health

Awaken the Shen (my all time favorite Herbal formula for mental well-being)

* The severely ill and/or severely anxious will not tolerate these supplements well and should spend time with binders and gut healing, stabilize and then try again.  On a side note, the best supplement I have ever found for racing mind and anxiety is Dragon Bone.

Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Powder

Camu-Camu – antioxidant and Vit C

Colostrum  – This immune milk is so powerful that a calf will die if it does not receive it in the first 24 hours of it's life.

If budget allows, you can buy some of the cool foods I mention above as well.

Other Tips

  • Try a few months of avoiding all sugar, even natural sugars. As we get healthier I believe sugar is better tolerated, but when very ill it is harmful.
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and relax for 10 minutes after eating. In Chinese medicine they talk about drinking your food and eating your liquids. Chew your smoothies for optimum digestion.
  • Follow the most important rule of trophology (Chinese art of food combining) – Don’t mix a starch and a protein in the same meal. This is a digestive nightmare and yes the Italians are doing it all wrong with spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Don’t eat fruit after or with a meal. Fruit is digested very quickly by the body, and most melons actually skip the stomach and go straight to the small intestine. If you have a meal sitting in your stomach and then eat fruit, it literally sits on top of the meal and ferments and you receive zero nutritional benefit.
  • Healing and transformation requires massive amounts of life force energy – Qi (chi) – and nothing drains this faster than masturbation/ejaculation for a male. It’s no mistake that they call a male orgasm “La Petit Mort” in French. This means “The little death.”  One of the saddest parts of humanity right now is that it has become the “norm” for a male to masturbate on a daily basis. In fact, when I tell most people that it isn’t healthy, they look at me like I am insane and that there isn’t a way out. I have firm beliefs that if male masturbation was reduced, the entire state of the world would change in drastic positive ways. Watch what happens to your Qi and your entire aura if you can hold in your Qi for weeks, and eventually months. Your entire vibe will change. Aside from the way you feel, you will start to notice that people will start to look at you differently, almost with a curiosity as to what you are doing differently. If you are a woman, orgasm is extremely encouraged during the healing process as it actually strengthens you. (lucky women)
  • Sweating is an absolutely integral part of the detoxification process. It takes the strain off the liver and kidneys and allows toxins to be excreted through the largest (and most congested) organ in the body – the skin. Sweating of all kinds is encouraged, even in normal saunas, but a great investment for your home is a near infrared sauna. After years of research, I believe The Sauna Fix is the best bang-for-your-buck. The combination of portability and quality is unlike anything you will find in any other near IR sauna. Plus, it’s very well-priced. If money is no object for you, then check out the Clearlight.


One of the most common mistakes people make is detoxing too quickly and not giving their body enough rest. Just remember that more supplements is not always better. In the lowest of my lows during this long healing journey, I always attempted to take more supplements to make up for it. It was totally a trap. It wasn’t until I learned that stopping all supplements in the low points is what I actually needed to recover. Let me remind you, this whole detoxification thing is a marathon, not a sprint. Ideally it would involve a complete lifestyle change, not just a quick-fix pill.

And lastly, to help you understand the bigger picture, here is a quick excerpt from my new book “The Fundamentals of Detox”

If two people of the exact same health level decided to embark on a 14-day cleanse, which person would be “healthier” at the end of 14 days?

John – He consumed hundreds of dollars worth of superfood smoothies, thousands of dollars worth of supplements, and ate the cleanest of vegetables.

But John was trapped in a dark basement and had no physical contact with the outside world. The television was always on, the router was located in the basement and he had all day and night to roam Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ken – He ate inorganic vegetables, inorganic meat, didn’t take any supplements, and often cheated on his diet. Almost every day Ken would cave into his cravings and eat pastries. A few of the days of his “cleanse” he ate pizza. But Ken had a supportive family, sat in the sun everyday, and had deep, meaningful conversations with friends.

If you answered Ken, you were right. We need to all remember that perfectionism is poison. Most of us hear about detox, realize just how fucked the planet is, just how common parasite and metal toxicity is, and we sway to the other end of the pendulum, creating a nazi-like discipline around our detox practice.

We start freaking out if tap water touches our skin or bug out if we eat an inorganic meal out at a restaurant with friends.

Stressing about a toxic substance is just as toxic as the substance itself! If you cheat on your diet, eat a pastry, and then experience awful guilt about the pastry, chances are… your guilt is more toxic than the pastry.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making small steps every day towards a cleaner and healthier life. If you can treat yourself with radical acceptance, even directly after a poor decision, you will find that you will never have “decisions” to make anymore. Over time, choosing the path of light and vitality becomes a new homeostasis, and requires zero additional effort or discipline.

Please join me in this movement towards restoring harmony to our bodies, hearts, and minds. The planet needs you.

Do you feel like you are ready to dive even deeper? Check out suppositories.


Josh Macin

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