Feed Yourself Through Your Bum :) 

With our current levels of malnutrition and gut degradation, it is virtually impossible to make a health transformation using our mouths alone. We must feed ourselves through our asses as well. Supplements and nutrients inserted rectally have the benefit of crossing the blood brain barrier almost instantly, and bypassing the process of digestion. One of the most common emails I get is “Hey dude great story, but how do I make the parasite suppositories?” So I decided to reduce my email-load and share with you some of the trade secrets. On a side note, I believe suppositories should not be done if one is in a very weak and vulnerable state.

1. Purchase cacao butter or coconut oil. (There are better coconut oils out there to eat, but this is good enough for suppositories).

The benefits of using coconut oil is that it is cheaper, most likely contains close to zero levels of heavy metals, and has anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. The downside is that you must keep the suppositories in the fridge, and it will be harder to travel with because of the lower melting point. The benefits of using cacao butter is that you can travel with them, keep them outside of the fridge, and it has a unique nutritional content. The downside is that there are most likely traces of heavy metals in many cacao butters. I emailed TerraSoul, a well known company and they sent me their results of heavy metal testing. I still prefer cacao butter despite the potential of trace heavy metals.

2. Purchase the best Ice Tray for the job. This ice tray blows every single other ice tray out of the water. The suppositories are the perfect shape for insertion, the silicone lid allows for efficient and powerful mixing which translates to being able to use 2x more powders/oils in each suppository.

3. Melt the oil on lowest setting on stove in a glass jar.

4. Insert ingredients directly into the ice tray.

Some my favorite recipes (I am constantly experimenting and will update soon with more): With most of them, dosing should be “feeled” out by the individual. I am not a licensed aromatherapist, but the doses I used to get rid of my parasites maxed out around 50 drops of total oil in each suppository. And that is a very high dose in my opinion! For the powders I generally use the RDD of each different powder. I max out around 1/3 of the total ice tray capacity with essential oils or powders. If oils, I use a bit less and if powders I use a little more. More than this will cause the suppository to break or be soft. Also remember whatever you take is entering your system hardcore, penetrating the blood brain barrier, so start low with everything. When I first started pretty much any suppository I took caused heart palpitations. On a side note, mostly any suppository, even if just straight coconut oil with no added ingredients will cause a peristalsis response. So there is an added benefit of consistently flushing out your colon throughout the day, decreasing detox symptoms and increasing well-being. If you have not taken a bowel movement yet that day, it is best to just do one suppository (sulfur/coffee promotes strongest bowel response), wait until you have to go to the bathroom, and then do the rest of the day's suppositories. Suppositories are most effective with a clean bowel, so you want to make sure you don't waste the precious and expensive ingredients.

Mycelium Madness: Lions Mane, Maitake, Chaga, Agarikon, Awaken the Shen,

This suppository provides you with a full spectrum of health benefits. Nervous system regeneration, nutrition, DNA support, and spirit-lifting qualities. Or you can buy SRT-12 and Awaken the Shen.

VitaCraze: Vitamin C, B-Complex, D, Multi-Vitamin(crushed), Marine Phytoplankton, Shilajit (Take with parasite suppository because parasites love B-complex and other vitamins/minerals)

FloraBum: VSL3 DS sachets (rx), Global Healing Center, Soil Based Organisms, Garden of Life Primal Defense, L-glutamine(This suppository is very important as many probiotics don't even have a chance to make it to our lower intestines when taken orally.)

CalmTooshy: Onnit New Mood(not to take with SSRI), Dragon Bone, crushed Lithium Orotate, CBDOil. (This is legal CBD, but If you live in a cool state or country, go big with medical-grade as it is much more effective), L-Theanine, Liposomal Gaba

The Parasite Slayer: BioPure ten-in-one, High quality (Healing Solutions, DoTerra, YoungLiving, MRH) oils of turmeric, oregano, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, wormwood, ginger, garlic, helichrysum, thyme, vetiver, and onion.  Artemisinin, Essential oil of clove, manuka and Neem powder for eggs. Olive Leaf Extract, Berberine , Black Walnut, Pau d`Arco andcitrus seed extract for even more bad-ass killing power.

Inflammagone: oils of Frankincense, thyme, ginger and turmeric tincture

Coffee Enema: Green Coffee, Mimosa (similar effects to a coffee enema without all the wasted time and mess – with parasite killing and spirit-lifting qualities of mimosa)

5. After powders and oils are in ice tray, fill with oil until just below parallel with the rest of the tray. Close silicone lid and shake vigorously side to side. Left to right to left. This is the most important part. For the first few months of making suppositories, I tried stirring with a wooden stick, and I was always left with half of the powder or oil still in the tray afterwards because I could not mix well enough. This also caused the suppositories to shatter into little pieces when removing from the tray. Before cooling, use a tincture dropper to get all of the oil that has dripped over into the outside compartment of the ice tray and place back into the suppository molds. With vigorous shaking, this happens often.

6. For powders put in fridge, not freezer, as the rapid cooling in the freezer tends to create cracks in the oil. If using just oils in the suppository, put in freezer as the suppository will not be hard enough from the fridge. After about 90 minutes, remove from the fridge and leave in room temperature. (If using coconut oil, then remove from tray while it is still cold). After it is room temperature, eject the suppositories by jamming the handle of a spoon or a butter knife down into one of the ends of the suppository. You should have a perfectly intact and firm suppository every time. Place in a jar to store. Put on a non-toxic glove, dip your finger in coconut oil and happy insertion!

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