FMP #10 - Fully Raw Kristina

Veganism vs Meat Eating with Fully Raw Kristina


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a bad-ass raw vegan who has many years of experience in holistic health and healing. She went through some pretty serious struggles with her health and one day miraculously ran into a man named John Rose in a grocery store. He made suggestions for a raw food diet/detox, and it completely changed her life. She is making a massive difference in this world by recommending healing and raw foods to her millions of followers around the world. It was really awesome to hear her perspective and have her energy on the show. I am grateful and honored to call her a friend.

What We Chatted About:

-- Spirituality

- How essential detox is for spiritual, emotional, and physical growth

-Why the system is designed to make us unhappy

- Her health struggles and recovery

-Raw veganism

- Why raw Veganism didn't work for me

- John Rose


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