FMP #11 - Rawvana

Veganism With Rawvana

FMP #11 - Yovana Mendoza (Rawvana)


We continue the bad-ass vegan YouTube trend with Yovana Mendoza. Yovana is the founder of Rawvana, which between English and Spanish has over 2.5 million followers! Rawvana started her health journey with a surgery, after which she began eating a plant based diet. Soon after embarking on a lifechanging plant-based diet, she did a 25 day water fast. Now Yovana teaches millions around the world about veganism, losing weight, and emotional healing.

What We Chatted About:

-- Her journey to veganism

- From coffee and cigarettes to vegan smoothies.

- 25 day water fasting!

- Diet

- Her personality in Spanish vs English


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