FMP #4 - Jonny Cruz

Becoming A Celebrity with Jonny Cruz

FMP #4 - Jonny Cruz


Jonny Cruz is becoming a mega celeb for his voice over role as "Lucio" in the video game/movie Overwatch. He is an American actor, scriptwriter, producer, filmmaker and musician. He has been featured as an actor in movies like Walking Tall: Lone Justice, Infiltrators and Haunting at the Beacon. He has also appeared on television series like General Hospital, Prison Break and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. More importantly, Jonny is a super humble, wise, and spiritual being. Prepare to be blown away with love and positive vibes in this episode.

What We Chatted About:

- His career and how hard he worked and manifested to get to where he is.

- The freakish power of manifestation and intention

- How anything is possible

- Self love, spirituality, and the healing journey

- Voice acting

- EFT (emotional freedom technique)

- epigenetic pain and trauma



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