FMP #5 - Dr. Sage Wheeler

Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Sage Wheeler

FMP #5 - Dr. Sage Wheeler


Sage Wheeler is a highly experienced and dedicated naturopathic physician, as well as the owner and director of SageMED. The underlying facet of Dr. Wheeler’s care is to integrate all forms of medicine using a holistic approach to help patients achieve exceptional health.

After Graduating from Bastyr University in 2009, Dr. Wheeler was the recipient of the competitive ITI-STAIR residency scholarship. This scholarship provided him with the opportunity to be mentored by both an ND and an MD. Working with both naturopathic and traditional western medicine, Dr. Wheeler was able to learn about the best aspects of both, and blends the best of both of these practices in his patient care.

Dr. Sage gave an epic talk on nutrigenomics at a retreat we were at, and I wanted to make sure the world could hear more of his wisdom. Dr. Sage is tuning in via skype.

What We Chatted About:

- Naturopathic order of operations

- Genetics

- Detoxification

- Water and other essentials of health

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