How To Get Your Health Back (Hint: Not A New Years Resolution!)

Make your 2019 about health.

But first let’s face it. New year’s resolutions are kind of stupid. You don’t need a special date to start becoming healthy. You don’t need it to be the beginning of a new year to start making the right decisions. That is a bit of a trap.

Hundreds of times per day we get presented with choices and these choices lead to a spiral in a positive direction or a spiral in a negative direction. So much about life and our trajectory has to do with momentum.

I remember during wrestling season if I had to cut weight, I would eat a gigantic meal of junk the night before I would have to start cutting. This was the dumbest thing I could do as I would just make my weight cut 2 lbs of pork chops harder on day one! Do yourself a favor and don’t do this on December 31. It is a bit of a trap as well.

If you really want to win then start making the little choices now. Right now. Skip the coffee, skip the pastry, skip the cheeseburger. Already passed that phase of discipline? Then start cleaning your colon, start flushing your liver of the hundreds of stones and stagnant energy, and invest in a nutrient dense diet. Already doing all of this and still not making progress? Trust me I know your struggle - you’ll have to keep diving deeper.

But the point is that we do have the power to transform our lives. It takes constant work and intention. What about discipline? Well in my opinion, it only requires discipline for a short period of time. When you start experiencing results and cleaning out the junk you no longer have cravings for things that are shitty for you! Get passed that initial phase and you will carve a new pathway for yourself for the rest of your life. I can’t remember the last time that I had to use discipline in order to eat clean and utilize some sort of healing modality or superfood. I only do these things with the utmost joy and passion.

What can you do for 2019 to radically transform your life?

Work on your health

Health is the foundation for all other things to grow from. Struggling with relationships or finances? Great, work on your health. Struggling with performance? Struggling with focus? Work on your health…

You may be thinking “Great Josh I have heard this hundreds of times, but where do I start?!”

Here are some easy things that most people can do in 2019 to kick-start their life and move the needle the most for as cheaply as possible:

  1. Do a few liver flushes. Purchase livatrex. Then follow instructions here. *note if you are in a really cold climate right now, you may want to wait for it to warm up before you flush your liver.
  2. Get blue light blocking glasses. Blue light is affecting your hormones and sleep more than you could imagine. Start wearing these a couple hours before bed and watch as your sleep improves dramatically. This may sound crazy to some folks who aren’t that into health but there is so much scientific evidence supporting this it’s pretty crazy.
  3. Start taking 1 sachet of liposomal glutathione per day. Experiment with 30 days of this and I guarantee you will make your $62 investment back because of your increased clarity and energy.
  4. Start drinking clean water! Go to or start drinking distilled water. Consider investing in your own distiller as well.
  5. Take 2-3 triphala every night or experiment with oxypowder. Flush your bowels and watch dis-ease go down your toilet!
  6. Look at yourself in the mirror (directly at your pupils) for 5 minutes a day and tell yourself that you love yourself. 5 minutes folks! How weird can it be, it’s just you?!
  7. Consider a lectin-avoidance diet for 60 days. At the very least, skip processed foods, dairy, sugar, gluten & inorganic meats/produce.

To dive deeper you could even do a 5-day resurrection.

And if you are ready for the big guns, consider my masterclass. I just put my silver/gold courses on a 33% discount for a couple days. When you buy my course you are:

  1. Getting access to everything I have learned in the past five years of obsessive research and experimentation. I distill all the most important information to you without wasting your time with unnecessary filler information.
  2. Supporting me and my mission. This is what I do full time and I am insanely passionate about it. When money comes in, I use it to continue learning about health & purchasing trainings, seminars, conferences, amazing food + superfoods, and equipment. Then I make YT videos and blog posts passing this information over to you.
  3. Accessing an online community of amazing detoxers (gold course only)

I sincerely thank you for being a fan of me and my work. 2018 has humbled me beyond imagination and helped me grow into something deeper, more authentic, and more loving.

I stand for radical transformational healing, mastery, and authenticity for all beings. You are enough. You have enough. All of your wildest dreams will come true in this lifetime.

Keep choosing the light and it will choose you.

p.s. If you are feeling super low during the holiday season, this too shall pass. There is a reason that Alcoholics Anonymous has the highest attendance rate during the holiday season. It is either a very joyous time or a very miserable time. I spent virtually every single important holiday alone and depressed for four years.

*Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician regarding any of the supplements or modalities that I recommend here. I am not a doctor!

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