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Welcome to The Transformational Detoxification Masterclass

I have spent the past five years obsessively studying, researching, and implementing the best techniques for human optimization, healing, and detoxification. I have worked and studied with world class doctors, specialists, and shamans. I spent an entire year planning, refining, and creating what I believe to be the most comprehensive holistic healing course in the world.

What my clients are saying.

I've had the incredible honor to work with over 400 clients, as a coach and retreat leader. Here's what a few of my brothers and sisters had to say about their experience working with me. View all my testimonials here.

"Thanks josh. We did it. You saved my life.”

Jandro Carrele

“With the hand on my heart nothing has been more powerful than this.”

Silvia Di Nicola
Palo Alto

Josh is an absolutely great coach. He really cares about the client and about getting better.

Liza Fischer

“Top-notch experience. Couldn’t have asked for a better life, now that I know myself. Thank you Josh.

Phil Johnson

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