Boost Lymphatic Detox & Reduce Inflammation With a CAR BUFFER?!

Everyone is dealing with aches and pains on their bodies, but not everyone can afford a full-time massage therapist. I have figured out one of the cheapest ways to consistently give one-self a full body deep tissue massage. It's not quite as good as a great massage therapist, but the convenience factor makes up for that.

Using a car buffer on every part of the body is an extremely effective way at warming up muscles, addressing existing soreness, improving blood flow through muscles and joints, and minimizing lactic acid. This is incredibly powerful for athletes, people with chronic pain, and people who are doing deep detoxification work. The car buffer is not the #1 best tool, but it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other massage device. And it totally gets the job done. For a one-time $20 purchase, you can literally have a decent massage anywhere, anytime.

Additionally car buffers (and other massage devices that I will link below) helps with old injures where scar tissue buildup has restricted range of motion and fluidity. It can also boost confidence and empowerment in our ability to heal our own aches and pains from daily exercise even when we don't have a trainer, chiropractor, or massage therapist on hand.

People who watched this video on YouTube literally thought that I was going crazy, because they couldn't believe how it could work. But no folks, I am not going nuts, you have to try it to understand.

Other benefits of regular massage: 

  • Increased relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Can help lower blood pressure
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Can help improve circulation
  • Can help improve posture
  • Strengthen the immune system

Check out the links below and choose the massage tool that best fits your needs and budget. For all those on a tight budget, I strongly recommend getting the car buffer first.

Car Buffer -

Hypervolt -

Theragun -

Happy buffing!

Josh Macin

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