Carbons --> Diamonds

Are you going through a tough time? If so, make sure to read on. When I was dying, I used to look at nature for the answers. In nature, the most exquisite jewels are created through the most intense processes. Did you know that some carbons, under unimaginable forces of heat and pressure, turn into diamonds? A simple oyster, through grit, a desire to protect itself, and depositing one layer of nacre at a time, will give birth to a pearl, a revered treasure of purity and innocence. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar occurs through a mysterious gooey medium, chrysalis, that continues to leave the brightest of scientists scratching their heads. In this process, the caterpillar will lose all of its faculties, turn into nutritional soup, and then emerge on the other side as a beautiful and boundless creature. Even rocks, the densest of substances, undergo tremendous changes of heat, pressure, and fracturing to become crystals, which are supercharged conductors of light. Armed with knowledge of natural earthly alchemy, I was able to continue on the excruciating odyssey. Day by day, it put some much-needed context to the other-wordly chaos and suffering that I was enduring. “This is how diamonds are created, Josh…keep going, you’re almost there,” are just some of the mantras I would whisper over and over to the emaciated face staring at me in the mirror that I no longer recognized. When really feeling awful, let us try to remember the big picture. When we embark on a healing journey we are essentially cleaning faulty habits that stretch back thousands of years. When we were young children, our parents' unfinished emotional business gets "sown" into our open and vulnerable energetic bodies. And their "stuff" comes from their parents, and their parents, etc. And this is what scientists are now discovering as "epigenetics." When we commit to this path, we are consciously re-wiring generations and generations of broken blueprints. This is not easy, cannot be done without going deep into the shit, and cannot be done in a few months. But the cool thing is that the work we are doing is completely changing the world, and also changing all future generations. We are cleaning the Earth, one suppository at a time! Imagine if you had parents that ate organic grass-fed meats, who juice fasted, did colonics, and truly loved themselves. We are going to be those parents and our children won't have such an uphill battle! We have been conditioned to believe that pain is bad, and we always run away from it. But the truth is that the pain is our catalyst for change, growth, and ultimately leading us to our truest selves. The universe has a way of sending messages to us, and pain is one of those mediums that is hardest to ignore. Did you know that it was debilitating pain that turned me into who I am today? Before going through illness I was a complete asshole. I only cared about myself, had no compassion, and only cared about money and women. Instead of questioning the system, I consistently thought something was wrong with me and my main internal narrative was self-judgement. Now, I really love who I am, what I am about, and my life's mission is to help as many people as I can. I have had the opportunity to live two different lifetimes in one. The sickness is just a wakeup call. The system is no longer working for you. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti  


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