Heavy Metal & Parasite Detox Saved My Life

My name is Josh Macin – and I am here to share an important medicine with the world. Long story short, I spent the past three years in a desperate battle for my survival. I traveled all around the world, spent easily over $150,000, and spent thousands of hours studying every crevice of holistic and natural health to try and treat a “mysterious” physical and mental illness. I was diagnosed with major depression, severe panic disorder, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, and if I would have told the whole truth, many more labels would have come my way. After conventional medicine failed me, I took matters into my own hands. I spent at least two months out of the year water-fasting, worked extensively with plant medicines and shamans in the Amazon jungle, went to the most expensive healers money could buy in NYC, did colonics, acupuncture, nutritional balancing, float tanks, enemas, took as many supplements as I could afford, ate only the cleanest of foods, and tried every diet known to mankind. I practiced yoga and meditated for 4+ hours a day, swam daily, prayed, and reaffirmed myself with positive thoughts every minute. Through all of this work, time, and money, my health continued to decline, seemingly as if I was eating McDonald’s and drinking Coca-Cola everyday. From looking at my emaciated and sullen face, it would have been impossible to believe that just a few years prior I was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, traveling around the world competing internationally, living in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and working a lucrative corporate job.

I was 48 hours away from checking out of this lifetime, when I magically came across some stories of heavy metal poisoning. It became apparent to me that I had severe mercury poisoning and Lyme Disease. To put it simply, I felt like I was dying every single day. I was living in a 24/7 panic attack, my digestion was 100% non-functional, and I did not want to live for one more hour. “Suicidal despair” is putting things lightly. I really don’t know what kept me alive for those three years – perhaps it was a deep knowing that if I mastered this illness, and came out the other side, I would have a special gift to share with the world. And that is precisely what has happened.

A special heavy metal and parasite detoxification program — as if cultivated by some divine force — has manifested in front of my eyes. This program has completely changed my life, and my health continues to soar to levels previously unimaginable. Prior to this detox, I would wake up every morning in absolute dread. A crippling anxiety and sadness clawed at my insides. Before falling asleep, I prayed that I wouldn’t wake up for I could not handle another day, yet I did not want to take my own life. Without any changes in the external world,  (job, women, money, material goods) I have now been waking up with tears of joy and excitement. It feels like I have woken up from a bad dream, and I no longer have access to those dark states of consciousness. My mind is clearer than it has ever been.  The soft, warm vibration of love is flowing through every vein in my body. This vibration of love is what I believe every single human being on the planet is chasing, and looking for in all of the wrong places. I used to think that love was some force that I had to fight for. I would look in the mirror for hours a day and tell myself that I loved myself.  No my friends, this is not the case. We are love, but there is so much junk covering it all up. Our sick and toxic minds, hearts, and organs can simply not tune into the frequency of love—unless we clean out these vessels of consciousness. And the cleaning cannot be done through simple fasting, juice cleansing, colonics, or supplements. I am certain that heavy metal toxicity and parasites are responsible for the massive scale of loneliness, depression, hunger, war, and violence we endure today.

This detox program feels like I am sitting on a pot of gold. Like I’m holding a universal secret and it wants to explode out of me. This universal secret has been a cumulative effort of my own three years of forced schooling, working directly with pioneers in the health world, and from the countless hours studying the public work of several different world-class detox doctors. The amount of cumulative suffering that went into this program is probably equivalent to that of a small impoverished country. The amount of time deciphering the truth runs into hundreds of thousands of hours, and the amount of money spent is well into the millions. Through everything, I have learned that detox is more of an art than a science.

Sometimes when I look at people, or hear people complain about illness I want to freak out, shake them by the shoulders and tell them to wake the fuck up, that it’s all reversible with a thorough detox, and let them know they haven’t even met themselves yet! Other times I look at some people and instantly fall into tears and heartache because I could feel the sense of pain and defeat they carry from this seemingly impossible game we call life. Unfortunately for every person who is open and savvy to the idea of detox changing their life, there are 10 people who think it’s a joke, too far fetched, too difficult, or that “we are dying slowly anyway.” This is an unfortunate result of our cultural conditioning and a testament to the maze that is the internet and holistic health. The amount of misinformation and claims about supplements, herbs, and foods is astounding.

The truth of the matter is that while yes “supplement A has been proven to inhibit the NF-2 receptor, and help with depression and anxiety, or herb B is found to remove heavy metals from the body,” None of it fucking matters unless: we heal the gut, and put it all together in a constructive manner that effectively nourishes and detoxes, while minimizing further damage done to the body.  In my opinion, the order of operations is generally:

  1.   Heal the gut steadily throughout entire program
  2.   Kill parasites + candida
  3.   Chelate metals and other toxins
  4.   Implement Lyme/blood cleanse protocol
  5.   Replenish nutrients with superfoods and elixirs the entire way through

What I see time and time again, is people mixing up the order, and doing every single step incorrectly.

Healing the Gut

You can go to a Buddhist monastery or sit in a cave for 20+ years in meditation and still not achieve peace if you have a severe case of leaky gut like I did. Furthermore, healing the gut cannot be done with a few supplements or by just drinking bone broth, taking Glutamine, and eating fermented foods. In severe cases, a true healing of the gut requires an antihistamine along with many other supplements. You can take all the supplements in the world, but if the mucosal layer is damaged, your immune system will continue to go ape shit with every single thing you put in your body. We all have loads of metals, plastics, PCB’s, candida, parasites, pesticides, estrogens, insecticides, and decades of junk that are caked along-side the inner walls of the colon. This causes many issues, the most pressing of them being inflammation and leaky gut. When the gut is inflamed and leaky, the rest of the body halts all detox processes and nutrients are not assimilated well. Repairing the gut and the mucosal layer of the gut is absolutely the most important part of the healing process. 80% of our immune system lives in the mucosal layer of our gut.  Before any progress can be made, this is the #1 issue to be taken care of. Don’t take my word for this, check out Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Shade, two world-renowned experts in the field, as they will both confirm this. Along with an antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer, the other half of the equation is the use of binders, binders, and more binders.

Killing Parasites

Killing parasites and candida is a death sentence if done when somebody is weak and has a damaged gut. Many of the parasites that that live in us are living in a symbiotic relationship with us. This means that the loads of metals and chemicals that are in our body, that would otherwise kill us, are actually being eaten and assimilated by these parasites. They are, in a sense, saving our lives, for the time being. But of course, this comes at a price, for they also eat our nutrients, and shit and piss in our bodies all day long. When they die, they release the toxic chemicals, metals, and ammonia throughout our gut lining and sometimes it can feel as if an atom bomb has gone off in your belly. Further, we cannot thoroughly kill parasites with a 14 day ParaBeGone kit. Killing parasites requires attacking daily from both ends for several months or longer, and will be a continued part of the process until all metals are removed from the body. I simply will never understand someone who is not willing to stick a small suppository up their ass to change their life and experience infinite joy and clarity. Seeing the snakes that have come out of my behind from suppositories makes me feel sorry for those who aren’t willing to try it.

Chelating Metals and Other Toxins

What I see on forums, blogs, and sites about chelation makes me sick. More importantly, it does more harm than good. The majority of people who are lucky enough to survive long enough to find out that they have metal poisoning are then thrown into the colosseum, fighting for their lives and fending off oral DMSA or intravenous DMPS chelation therapy. In my opinion, removing metals does not require these synthetic intravenous injections, and furthermore it should never be done as the initial step. The provoked urine tests that require taking oral chelation can be extremely dangerous and can cause unbelievable and sometimes irreversible damage to the body when someone is extremely ill. To excrete metals through the most damaged organ in the body (the kidneys) is just the silliest “holistic” error known to mankind. Chelation, and this whole process, does not require agonizing pain and days spent in the fetal position. There is a relatively pain-free way to heal the gut, kill parasites, and chelate metals, and many people simply do not know about it, because they haven’t been through the gauntlet.

Lyme/Blood Cleanse Protocol

I find that many in the health world are extremely concerned about things like Lyme, their adrenal glands, poor methylation, Epstein Barr Virus, and blood test/genetic mutations or deficiencies. I am certainly no doctor, but I find that the findings and results that come with this research complicates things. Without a doubt, Lyme can be crippling to some individuals so I am in no way diminishing it, but in my experience it is very difficult to get rid of it without everything else in check.  I made unbelievable progress with my health before I even started taking Lyme supplements. I feel that a strong foundation must be created before dialing in to the rest of the noise. Many months ago, somebody e-mailed me about coaching, but decided to delay the coaching and spend their money getting tested for parasites first. They said they want to find out who their enemies are before killing them. Listen, all these enemies die from mostly the same bullets. And they are not the real enemies, they are offspring of the real enemies: toxicity and malnourishment. Putting all of your intent on healing your adrenal fatigue with supplements is like dragging an obese body up three flights of stairs, when you could leave the body, walk around the building, and take the elevator.

Replenish Nutrients

Often on health and detox websites I see things like: “Are you missing out on Kale, the most powerful vegetable?”, and “Could this food put an end to Alzheimers?”. The answer to all of these questions is a big NO. Our soils are so incredibly depleted, our animals raised so inhumanely, and with processed foods thrown into the mix, we are eating more than ever and are as malnourished as ever at the same time. It is simply not possible to make drastic changes by adding one or two supplements or superfoods – especially once somebody is already crippled with illness. Our collective health has swung so far out of whack, and is continuing to do so. This process requires attacking from multiple angles and with many different supplements/foods and healing modalities. Also on the hype-train for miraculous healings is being a raw vegan.  I see raw vegans on a regular basis who look emaciated, malnourished, airy, fatigued, and jaundiced brag about how great it is to be a raw vegan. I was a raw vegan for six months during my three year ordeal, and that was when my health was at it’s worst. In fact, I got so sick at one point, that I needed to go to the emergency room in the mountains of Peru for some lifesaving IV’s. Fuck all the diets, all the fads, and being “this” or being “that.” It’s about giving our bodies what they want and need, without letting our minds get in the way. It’s about consuming massive amounts of wild-crafted superfoods. It’s about eating nutrient-dense food (colostrum, bone broth, ghee, egg yolks) throughout the day, everyday. It’s about eating clean meat and chicken, if that’s what your body is craving. Some people are very anti-meat eating and I can understand this, but just look at nature for a lesson. In nature, every organism is giving and receiving at the same time, a wonderful flow and cycle of energy. Perhaps some of these animals, on some level, have agreed to be food for us. The way it’s done now, on a massive scale and the inhumanity that comes with it, I’m sure is not part of the agreement, but when done with ceremony, respect, and blessing, I believe eating meat is very beneficial for the detox process. (Especially once you are devastatingly ill) Sometimes, it’s about getting nutrients up through your behind as well. Replenishing nutrients and avoiding junk requires an initial sacrifice of skipping out on the cravings, and perhaps eating things that don’t taste incredible. But what I have found, is that after a few months, it requires zero will power or sacrifice. It becomes the easiest choice to make, and everything that doesn’t serve you melts away when you start seeing how you feel from that which does.

My experience is that detox is the answer to living a healthy and happy life. It’s the warm blanket of love that we’ve been looking for our entire lives. I also see a gaping hole in conventional medicine, and almost as large of a hole in holistic medicine. I am so sick of the term “specialist” or the label of “doctor.” I never again want to learn from somebody who hasn’t been through the fire in whatever their discipline of life.  If I could use wrestling as an analogy; I could never imagine being coached in high school wrestling by someone who didn’t wrestle. I would have been a shitty wrestler, and would’ve quit after two weeks. Instead, I turned out to be pretty good and wrestled for six years, and then trained jiu-jitsu for six more. What about learning from those who have been stuck in a corner with no way to turn? Learning from those who had no choice but to learn? There is knowledge that one can obtain through suffering and torture that simply cannot be learned in any course, university, or medical school.

I leave you with one final thought. The truth is that I cannot heal you, you can only heal yourself. And that is the greatest gift of all, as self-reliance is the most important trait to learn in this lifetime. In this labyrinth of illness where one needs to be their own healer, I can show you where to jump, where to dive, and which way to turn. Let my experience be your guiding light, shining a bright lantern at every corner.

What's next? Go somewhere quiet, strap in your seatbelt, and watch me tell my story here.

Many blessings,

Josh Macin

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