Are Dental Cavitations & Root Canals Causing Your Health Issues?

For the past six months I was having some intense & bizarre symptoms. I was having severe neck and shoulder pain - a level of pain that made me think that I herniated a disc (or two). I tried using a theracane, stretching, using a denneroll, getting regular massage, foam roller, hypervolt, and many other things. All to no avail! I figured I must have destroyed my neck after years of BJJ - and somehow it didn't catch up to me until three years later?

Anyway, I watched the documentary Root Cause and it woke me up. I had 4 wisdom teeth extracted 15 years prior, and it was the most agonizing physical experience of my life. I remember I was a tough wrestler teenager jersey bro, and after the surgery I was curled up in my moms bed for 6 days crying like a baby. And I went through two bottles of strong painkillers. The dentist said he never prescribes that much. Also, what I realized after the documentary was that all four of my wisdom tooth sites were swollen for the past 3-4 years. And I didn't even realize it!! I knew they were swollen, but I didn't think it meant anything.

Long story short, I spent an entire month doing obsessive research about this subject. I reached out to my other health expert friends, watched YouTube, more documentaries, and interviews/podcasts. I came across an incredible blog post here (and almost cried when I learned that she had sacroiliac joint problems as well, and that it was connected to her cavitations!) 

Finally after reading that post I decided to get the procedure done. First I went to Dr. Jarvis @ Marin Dental Wellness. He is widely known as one of the best in the world at this and I wanted the best of the best. I got my cone beam scan and had a consultation done with him. It was $750. You can read the results below.

(My report from Jarvis Office)

I liked Dr. Jarvis. He was a really good guy and honest, and I could tell that he had done thousands of these things. It was no big deal. BUT after I got home, I saw an interview with Better Health Guy & Dr. Nunnally here.

After watching this interview my intuitive genius inside that knows exactly what I need to do and who I need to go to kicked in. I could tell he was humble, honest, sincere, and had been through the fire! He had 3.5 years of mercury poisoning and I knew he was the man for the job. Furthermore, the folks at Dr. Nunnally's office were excited about a possible collab with me and actually took the time to look at my YouTube channel. I offered to make a video at Marin's place and do interviews and they ignored my two requests. (Well that sucks for them because I have already sent about 15 people to Nunnally. *yikes my ego is kicking in)  :) :) :) 

The truth is that you can't go wrong with either of these guys! They are both the best in the world...

So I booked a flight, booked a hotel, & got my dear friend Erica to come with me (I was terrified). Little did I know that it was only going to be a 48 hour recovery time and truly no big deal! 

The thing I was mostly terrified about was to be put on drugs and go unconscious. After doing tons of spiritual work, I have seen that it is not good when the "etheric" collapses, like it does when we are unconscious from drugs. It is not good because we are very vulnerable and our normal protection mechanisms are not in place. I won't go too much into it here, and many of you may think I am nuts for saying it, but I'll make some videos on the subject soon.

Turns out it was not a general anesthetic, and instead it was a combination of benzos and fentanyl which made me 99% unconscious - but I remember little glimpses of it. Kind of like when I took too much Xanax in college. And I felt completely safe, protected, and held by the people in the room. The office had total integrity.

I started to come back to my senses during a "Swedish massage" aka trigger therapy to help stimulate blood flow to the area. And the woman who was doing it for me actually knew who I was. She had watched my videos! This is the 10th "celebrity citing" of the detox dude in the past 6 months. hah! I guess I am getting a bit famous.

The next 24 hours I had mild soreness, drank only smoothies and soup - and tried to rest. Actually had an amazing experience at Hill Country Health Store and even recorded a vlog episode there! (coming soon)

Within 48 hours I was able to eat normal food with only mild soreness. And Erica and I went to an incredible restaurant called Picnik. Check out this AMAZING menu which works perfectly with my diet.

Now it is officially 15 days after my surgery, and my neck and shoulder pain is so much better. What a world of difference. See these bacteria cause inflammation in the lymph system and put pressure on the discs, nerves, and cause overall inflammation. I also feel more energized, and less sensitive to certain foods that I was having issues with.

The craziest part about all of this is that I got my test results back from Dr. Chris Shade's lab. They froze my toxic matter that came out of my cavitation and sent it out to a lab to get tested to see what bacteria lived inside.

I was off the frickin charts in almost all of the bacteria. And these bacteria are super toxic. These are not standard bacteria. If you want to see the whole test and read the horrid explanations of these bacteria, go here.  One of the descriptions of bacteria is "STD that comes from fecal matter transmission." NO I DON'T EAT POOP, this is just from the extremely toxic conditions that a cavitation creates, that all kinds of crazy stuff is able to grow and thrive.

Here is what I recommend everyone does leading up to and after dental cavitation/root canal surgery at a bare minimum:

-2-3 sachets of liposomal C daily

-4 caps of Lymplex daily

-drink a lot of distilled water

-significant dose of anti-viral or anti-bacterial formula for 2 weeks before and minimum 2 weeks after. There are plenty to choose from but I like Viral Defense by PlantCures.

More videos to come on this subject. For now, I strongly encourage you to check out your cavitations & root canals. And check out the interview below with Dr. Nunnally:

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