How to Detoxify Plastics, Estrogens & Endocrine Disruptors From The Body

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We are living in a very interesting time. I have been talking for years about the importance of detoxing plastic from one's life and body.

--> Huffington post just came out with an article that will hopefully wake more people up the importance of this issue <--

Many of these plastics are endocrine disruptors causing all sorts of hormonal issues. Typically these plastics mimic estrogens causing feminization among men and masculinization amongst women.

Can't get it up? Not having a great sex life? Having debilitating menstrual cycles? Look no further than your own drinking water, water bottles, and food containers.

Here is a basic Detox Dudes recipe for removing plastics and estrogen mimickers from the body: (Talk to your doctor first, this is not medical advice)
Liposomal DIM - 4-6 squirts daily on empty stomach
Pine Pollen - 1 tbsp daily
Distilled Water - GET A WATER DISTILLER (use discount code 'detoxdudes' for 5% off) - folks this is an integral piece of the puzzle for health and vitality. Everyone who cares about living a long healthy life should be investing in a water distiller. (Yes even if I wasn't an affiliate for this company I would still be saying that). Unless you are getting this for your whole family, the countertop unit will suffice.

And of course avoiding plastic and plastic containers whenever possible. Especially with hot food/beverages.

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