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In this video I share with you my insights on water and juice fasting. In my journey, I have done many fasts. The longest water fast I did was 6 days and the longest juice fast I have done was 12 days. Fasting is a beautiful & ancient modality for healing and the concept is that when you don't eat the body enters a mode called autolysis. The intelligent doctor of the human body kicks in and the body cannibalize all of the stuff that doesn't serve it. In my opinion, collective illness has swung so far on the other end of the pendulum, that I no longer believe fasting is a sustainable healing method. This is because while we are fasting we are not taking in enough minerals and also stripping the body of minerals and nutrients as we remove toxins. Toxins never come out alone, they generally come out with some sort of nutrients as well. However, fasting is beautiful because it does connect us to the divine. The theory is that when we stop eating, our body turns off all non-essential processes like the monkey mind. Thus when the monkey mind is quieted we can deeper connect to the divine. So this is an amazing way of making progress spiritually.

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