✈️ How to Deal With a Toxic Flight?

✈️ How to Deal With a Toxic Flight?  



A flight is probably one of the most toxic situations we can find ourselves in. Recirculation of polluted air. The electromagnetic field (EMF) storm all happening in an enclosed metal box - almost like a giant microwave. The actually microwaved “Asian Chicken” and vegetables being served is loaded with pesticides, insecticides, and hormones. We are sitting down compressing our organs, and all this while dehydrated from the altitude. Jet lag is much less a function of a time zone shift, and moreso because of the toxic overload we endure along the way. If this was six month ago, I would have tried to impress you with my knowledge on how to prepare for a flight and minimize jet-lag. Taking things like iodine, fulvic acid, & rosemary to deal with the radiation and EMF. Negatively charged binders like chlorella, kelp, and coconut charcoal to bind to the airborne toxins. Immune boosting herbs like goldenseal, echinacea, and Reishi. Let’s go deeper. Want to know the biggest toxin of all? The stress and fear associated with our minds ruminating on all of the toxins. On this journey of cleansing the body & spirit, we must accept facts, but drop the fear. The truth is harsh, the truth is painful, the truth is stressful. We must not be ignorant of the harsh reality, but we also must not bring our neuroses and fear into the game of healing. The truth will set us free, but only if we can drop the fear. Where our consciousness rests is the most important foundation of healing. Do we focus on the toxins? Whatever we focus on grows. Rest on our breath. Rest on the power of the human spirit. These toxins or any global agenda for domination and control has absolutely no chance against the power of the human spirit. Rest on the fact that mother Earth knows exactly what she is doing. That all the chaos that is happening is still part of some grand tapestry that the divine is well aware of. Today I fly with no supplements. Just water, my breath, and an apple. We don’t detox for the sake of detox. We detox so that we can hand the baton to spirit. Ttyl, I got a massive headache from this jetlag... 

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