An old native american technique is to track oneself like a jaguar does to it's prey in the jungle. Track one's thoughts, intentions, desires. Track why we just did something, said something, moved a certain way etc. Tracking oneself requires a lot of mindfulness but it allows us to get to the root of what ails us, the root of what we fear the most. In order to really transform and grow from our lowest selves, we have to fully understand these lower parts of ourself. Tracking is not done from the mind - this would be an exhausting game of gymnastics that wouldn't take us any closer to the root. Tracking happens from the heart, from our highest vision, from our deeper consciousness that exists underneath words and mindless thought.

When I lived in the amazon jungle, I tracked myself so intensely that at the end of the day I could remember almost every thought I had that day. Once you sniff or track something out in your being, make sure to have compassion for it and accept it. The goal is not to "hunt" or "kill" these parts of ourselves through violence or murder or repression - but we free ourselves from the power these things have over us through love and compassion. And then of course, making the choice in the future to not live through that motive.

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