Nothing will be different.

Things are never going to be different. 

Every man I meet is convinced that some day in the future, things are going to be different. 

His attitude will be different. His circumstances will be different. 

Surely with more money, things will be different. 

Once I’m out of this relationship, it will be different. 

Once I find a girlfriend…

Once I have more time…

On the other side of the fence, the grass will be greener. 

Desperate for somebody to take the edge off. Desperate for rest and to turn off all the pressures of life. Desperate for a sense of purpose. 

In the silence of nothingness his demons catch up to him. 

A moment later, in the frantic of productivity, a yearning for the nothingness of rest and television. 

Fundamentally, deep within, this human experience doesn’t change. Stripped away of one’s accomplishments, money, & laurels one is left with the nakedness of being. 

Can you surf the edge of existence without leaning on your money to make you feel safe? Can you meet the world unprotected, unguarded, & available for the dark & light of the universe. Do you have the courage to be a nobody? Do you have the wisdom to be humble?

Who are you when all is stripped away? Not interested in finding out now? Good luck at death. 

Life is but a preparation for death. 

Take a seat in the jungle with a circle of men. Leave your cell phone and bank account behind. 

One is left with the demons of his mind. The agony in the heart. And the vulnerability of being a human being. 

Same guts, same cuts, same crazy. 

You may feel safe in your ego but it is resting on a house of cards. Can you find your edge and surf it? 

Can you find your center? Can you be okay if nothing was going to be any different? 

When the fire of God is pointed towards you, can you be present? 

We call violence wrong in this society. A real man is so violent inside you will feel immediately safe in his presence. 

This is the Spirit of a Man.


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