Digital Drugs & The Death of Deep Work

The internet and plugging into cyber life is an orgasmic relief from the agony in our hearts. And also just the same, a perpetuator of the seemingly endless suffering we have to endure in this lifetime. 

I have only begun to try and master the art of keeping the etheric happy and accessing deep work during the digital hurricane that we are up against. 

Here is what I have uncovered: 

  • It is in the space. What I mean by this is that it is part of the global climate right now. We are in a massive transition phase and we must understand that there is a sort of ‘waiting game’ at play here. All of our old stuff is coming up and is meant to be cleared. This is a collective upheaval and the universe is asking us to go deep inside. The entire globe is going through this challenge, and it’s real. No matter how much discipline we may have, or how we orchestrate our lives around this fact, it’s just in the space. Acceptance is key..
  • There is a deep well of pain inside of all of us. It is very painful to be in our bodies. Very painful to be in our etherics. It takes time, effort, and an act of will to access and transform this well of pain. And the odds are massively stacked against us to feel this cut inside. Inside the quietness of this pain is where our deepest creative seed is. And where the deepest healing can occur. If one does not access, understand and integrate this well of pain, they are in the booby trap of life - constantly searching for short term relief outside of themselves. In a constant reaction to this pain. A hamster on a wheel. If we don’t carve out time and effort to go into this nothingness, then our work and productivity is surface level content, not artwork. And will just “fit in” with all of the other endless mind-numbing content out there. It is simply not deep work
  • Using apps like SelfControl & Freedom on our phones and computers are massively helpful in carving out time for deep work. I block myself out of Facebook/Instagram/Email in the evenings all the way until 10am in the morning, so that I don’t feel compelled to begin my day with technology. I also block my news feed on Facebook all the time. 
  • I like regular dopamine fasts, though they are really difficult! I also use Mucuna when I work. 
  • Be with the etheric. It is now a rare treasure to be out in nature without a technological device. A rare, painful and agonizing treasure that will have us putting our hands in our pockets every 10 minutes feeling for the phantom vibration of our phones. What happens to Bitcoin if I don’t check Bitcoin prices every hour? Oh my heavens will my money disappear!? What happens if I don’t answer John’s text message about how good the mangos were that I gave him? Does that mean my good deed is reversed?!
  • You don’t owe anyone anything. This endless anxiety creeps in and is the fastest thing to knock us off our centers. It’s assumed that every single email and text message that comes in is deserving of a mindful and heartfelt response. We regularly fear hurting people's feelings and want people to feel important. And we sometimes sacrifice holding our deep place inside in order to cater to these individuals. I counted a mind-blowing statistic on my iphone. Since COVID the amount of text messages and Facebook messages that I engaged in went up about 75%. And many of these people I have not seen in 5+ years! Hardly any of these communications are adding true sustenance to my life. We don’t owe anybody anything just because they sent us a message. And there is no unspoken rule about getting back to somebody within a certain amount of time. My devotion is to my inner terrain, not to pleasing anyone who contacts me.
  • Morning meditation, exercise and/or sweating is the ultimate way to create a new trajectory in one’s day. Checking technology first thing in the morning sets us up for the dopamine hamster wheel all day long. 
  • It is massively painful to commit to your etheric and commit to deep work. It will be boring, agonizing, and borderline torturous to be with oneself after years of training in the opposite direction. It is a commitment only for the warriors of the light who see the magnitude of the importance for us humans to remember who we truly are and what we came on this planet for. I believe there is a war for our consciousness. A war for our mental real estate. And cultivating practices to reclaim this real estate is of the utmost importance. 

Use the digital world responsibly. And remember what it is like to access deep, meaningful, and transformational spaces of consciousness inside. 


Joshua Macin 


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