Hey guys, In my five years of working on my health intensely, I have discovered some of the most bad-ass ways of detoxing your liver and gallbladder. Detoxing the liver is of crucial importance because it is a filter in our bodies that cleans the blood, and filters out toxins from entering our system. Most people's livers, kidneys, and gallbladders are pretty wrecked from the toxins, chemicals, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, and stress. The best liver cleanses that I have found are: Milk Thistle Pills - Milk Thistle Seed Oil - ^(These are good for long term marathon detox. Not necessarily as quick cleanses, but they are great for protecting and gently detoxifying the liver over time. Glytamins - Livatrex - Livatrex instructions - Why we should cleanse our liver? 1. to lose weight - the liver is instrumental in the breakdown of fat\ 2. eliminate liver stones - Think you don't have them? Think again... 3. To detox the body 4. Increase your energy levels 5. Look and feel younger.  

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