Everybody is a fcking Mess!

In the last ~6 years I have made a living coaching people full time. I coach people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In those 6 years I have seen ALOT.

Suicidal people who cannot get out of bed.

Severe mental disturbances, psychological issues and unspeakable traumas.

Debilitating Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, and crippling mental and physical pain. Young children and the elderly.

People on 5-7 different psychiatric medications.

Their last few thousand dollars were spent on supplements.

In more recent years, corporate folks, doctors, CEO’s and some very high level thinkers and entrepreneurs. Many coming to me with “no problems” and a perfectly smooth life, wanting to biohack and optimize - trying to achieve a clearer mind to make more money.

People worth $50million-$200million. Influencers with 1-2 million followers. One client owns 600 homes.

Here is what I have discovered in 6 years:

Everybody is a fucking mess. Somewhere….

You may not see it right away. People are incredibly clever at fooling themselves.

But given the proper space, holding, and fire - what is revealed is that somewhere inside we all have no idea we are doing. We all carry deep hurt. We all have insecurities, fears, challenges.

Every single man has deep demons. Whether he is conscious of them or not is a different story. Most people are on shaky ground. A few small circumstances away from an utter total meltdown.

Nobody is fireproof. Nobody is above the law. The law of flesh, bones, and the vulnerability and chaos of consciousness.

We rest on mental constructs, relationships, our vitality, spiritual characters, our bank accounts, or our image. But when these things crumble - inevitably they all will - we are left with the wound of being a human being. The wound from the fall from grace. We are left with the ferocious and chaotic forces of nature, consciousness, and the universe.

Lifetimes and lifetimes of cuts, bruises, scrapes, and samskaras. If only you knew how much experience you have had on this Earth….

You are a bad-ass and you are also extremely sensitive and vulnerable.

You are guiding others and sometimes lost yourself.

You are happy, joyous, positive and hurting inside.

You are a teacher and a student.

My teachers are people who have been meditating for 25-30 years in temples religiously. None of them have risen above being a student or risen above the pain of being a human.

We are all a mess somewhere. So what now?

1. Until you find that seat of enlightenment, the only path is to work on oneself. From a space of love, compassion, but also urgency.

2. Clean this vessel. Purify the mind, body, and spirit so that you can have an epic death.

3. Go after all of your wantings. Achieve victory in this lifetime in any and every arena that you want. Your wantings deep in the heart (good) are just an extension of your soul. Without pursuing your wantings it’s tough to find out who you really are and what you are made of.

4. Be relentlessly honest with yourself. Stop chasing flash and sugar. Every single thing that you don’t face in this lifetime, you will face at death.

5. Be a source of love, integrity, and courage for others. The deeper seat you find inside yourself the more valuable of an asset you are on this planet.

6. Cultivate unwavering, unshakeable presence. The storm is never going to end.

7. Love yourself like your life depends on it. It does.

8. Embark on an endless pursuit of the truth while realizing you will never find it.

There is nowhere else to go. The school of life - we signed up for a tough one.

May the wind always be at your back,

- Joshua


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