How to Live A Long Life

Never hurry through life. Take it slowly, take it easy, and take your time. Be gentle, and keep a quiet heart. Avoid extreme emotions of all kinds. Bless your food. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly. Breathe with your belly, like a baby does.

Let us reconnect with the sacredness of nature; our bodies our temples, each day as a ceremony, and love as the religion. Always be kind – everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. Love yourself like your life depends on it. It does.

Be mindful with drugs and alcohol. There is no such thing as a neurological free lunch – the body keeps the score.

Yoga will make you happier than lifting weights will. Man is soft and weak upon birth, and becomes stiff and hard at death. Plants just the same. To be soft and supple is the way of life, to be stiff and hard is the way of death.

Masters live in the middle. In the sacred neutral. Never let yourself get too high or too low.


When all else fails, remember one thing: It’s just a ride.

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