Are Hemp Suppositories the future of CBD Supplementation?

Are Hemp Suppositories the future of CBD Supplementation?

In this evolving world of CBD and Hemp based products, more and more products keep popping up within the Hemp market, and that includes CBD Suppositories.  With all the healing properties of the hemp plant, it’s no wonder that suppositories are being developed to aid in health development.  But could CBD suppositories take the place of the number one selling CBD product on the market?  How and when do you use a CBD Suppository?  How long does it take for a CBD Suppository to work?  These are all questions that I’ve been asking myself and you may be wondering the same.  So, lets dive into these questions and develop a prediction of Hemp suppositories for the future of CBD supplementation.

When should I use a CBD Suppository?

I found that people with prostate cancer, digestive issues, urinary issues, inflammatory bowel disease, and in times of extreme constipation have used a CBD suppository to aid in their healing process.  The suppository is an easy way to consume Hemp or CBD, especially when oral ingestion is not an option.  

My father in law suffered from prostate cancer, and I wish this was an option when he was going through chemotherapy.  My reasoning for this wish…Vaclav Novak, a 67-year-old man was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated himself with a 1-gram suppository comprising of CBD.  He overcame the need to begin chemotherapy, taking his PSA levels from a 10 to a 0, much to his doctor’s surprise (  

CBD Suppository’s have also been linked to kids suffering from seizures.  With clinical administration, doctors have been able to utilize emergency rectal CBD administration for immediate positive effects (  

How long does it take for a CBD Suppository to work?

In my research, I found that there is conflicting information on the web, but according to, suppository’s take approximately 15-60 minutes to work.  This is no different for a hemp suppository.

Many people report the hemp suppository to work within 10-15 minutes of taking it, and also report an uplift in their moods as well (  I know all forms of hemp and CBD has had a positive effect on my mood.  

How do I use a CBD Suppository?

Well, as you probably guessed, you can’t just use the entire hemp plant for this matter.  Fortunately, there are companies that are combining CBD Oil with coco butter and or gel capsules for available purchase.

To use the hemp suppository, you insert it in the rectum, allowing the body to consume the substance.  Women can also insert the suppository into their vagina, which has been linked to higher sexual satisfaction, overcoming menstrual cramps, or vaginal disease (  

In my experience, a suppository has worked to relieve extreme constipation causing pain beyond anything I want to experience again.  However, the one I took was not a Hemp suppository, but it will be next time!

So, Could Hemp Suppositories be the future of CBD Supplementation?  I’ll let you develop your own conclusion, but my opinion is that while a CBD Suppository might not take over the industry, it will definitely carve out a market and possibly be the number one recommended suppository by physicians throughout the US.  As more studies are completed and more success stories are shared online, people and doctors alike will be looking to hemp, once again, to treat ailments instead of pharmaceuticals.

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