How To Be Authentic 100% (And Why it's Your Greatest Gift) ✅

We live in an era where being authentic is one of the hardest things to be. We are constantly told that we are not enough, that we don't have enough, that we need other things, that we need to be something better or different than we are, or that what we are feeling is weird and unaccepted. We literally have grown up for decades being told that what it is that we are feeling is not accepted and will be shunned. So we create characters in order to fit in and in order to be accepted.

Being authentic in today's time is a commodity and is one of the most craved attributes amongst our generation. Keeping it real and expressing your truth is the absolute best gift that you can give to the present moment and to the people around you. Forget presents, just be authentic! Being authentic in difficult moments takes deep introspection, honesty, and courage. Because when we are authentic we are really putting ourselves out there in a vulnerable way - to be judged, analyzed, and perhaps to be unaccepted. BUT, by continuing to be authentic, we will eventually find our tribe and find super fulfilling relationships, jobs, etc.

Being authentic exists on a spectrum. Some people truly don't know what their authentic voice is, or who they are. But then authenticity comes in by being truthful about where the individual is right now. How authentic can you be in the inauthenticity?

Be mindful of the inauthentic character that is built around a wound or a void. This is very common. For instance a common machismo character of being tough is built around a deep wound of not being enough or of feeling very small or vulnerable.

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