When is heavy metal and parasite detoxification not enough? In this video I talk about the difference between health and freedom. We can detoxify all we want, eat the best superfoods, and cleanse all of our organs, but we still have to choose to be free. To be free from our limited belief systems, conditioned minds, and most importantly our fearful neuroses about life. In my opinion, it is very difficult to completely remove heavy metals and parasites when we are stuck in limited belief systems and fearful thoughts. I would consider health and freedom to exist in a venn-diagram, separate things that share a common ground. True spiritual freedom is being able to fill your body with yourself. What this means is that only you occupy your space, not anyone else's thoughts, words or demands. This can take decades to achieve, but I believe it is ultimately what we are all seeking. True spiritual freedom can not come when one is acting from the conditioned mind. Most people have a deeply ingrained fear of being judged or of being kicked out of the "tribe" This is a deep primal fear because being kicked out of the tribe many generations ago would have meant a most certain death. It's important for us to consciously remind ourselves that being judged does not mean death anymore! The trick to achieving freedom from the mind and freedom from fear is to "Feel the fear and do it anyway," while on the healing journey. This can accelerate healing and really all other facets of life as well. Of course there is also a time to lay low, relax, decompress, and give yourself space to heal. But when one starts feeling stronger and better, transcending fear can be a huge way of taking ones health to the next step. When we act out of duty, fear, and conditioning, we are perpetuating sickness. Freedom is a conscious choice to be operating from a place of oneself, one's desires and one's intuition. Feel the fear and do it anyway my friends!

feel the fear and do it anyway|how to free yourself from fear|how to free yourself from your mind

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