How To Kill Parasites Naturally (Rectal Suppositories)

In this video, I share with you in my opinion the best way to detox parasites naturally. With our current levels of malnutrition and gut degradation, it is virtually impossible to make a health transformation using our mouths alone. We must feed ourselves through our asses as well. Supplements and nutrients inserted rectally have the benefit of crossing the blood brain barrier almost instantly, and bypassing the process of digestion. 1. Cacao butter ( or coconut oil ( 2. Ice Tray - 3. Melt the oil on lowest setting on stove in a glass jar. 4. Insert ingredients directly into the ice tray. Parasite Slayer Recipe: The Parasite Slayer: BioPure ten-in-one (, High quality (Healing Solutions, DoTerra, YoungLiving, MRH) oils of turmeric, oregano, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, wormwood, ginger, garlic, helichrysum, thyme, vetiver, and onion.  Artemisinin ( , Essential oil of clove(, manuka( and Neem powder( for eggs. Olive Leaf Extract(, Berberine( , Black Walnut, Pau d`Arco( and citrus seed extract( for even more bad-ass killing power. For More Suppository Recipes go to:

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