Heavy Metal Detoxification vs. Spirituality

Somebody asked me a question on the channel. "Hey detox dude, can you explain the relationship between detoxification and spirituality" I thought it was a great question and wanted to answer it in full. Heavy metal detoxification and spirituality fuel each-other. When we detoxify our bodies, we become pure receivers and vessels of consciousness. Contrary to popular science, our bodies are actually receivers of consciousness, NOT generators. For most of human history this has been understood, but it is actually a new age idea that we are generators of consciousness. Similarly, "alternative healing" is the type of healing that has been used for thousands of years, and conventional medicine is a rather new-age approach. Consciousness exists on the earth and we are a human meat body that can receive this frequency of consciousness. Similar to the movie Avatar. When we clean the vessel, all of the innate powers, senses, and divine gifts have an easier time living in the body. They come to life. Smell becomes enhances, connection to the earth comes to life, and even vision can improve. The pineal gland detoxifies. More divine life force can live inside a clean body as opposed to a dirty one. As we detox, our pure vessel, has an easier time connecting to the right radio stations. The radio stations of love, peace, joy, forgiveness, and intuition. This is why detoxification facilities spiritual growth. In my journey, I was climbing uphill on the spiritual path when I wasn't detoxifying. As soon as I started detoxing, many spiritual truths became more available to me. Spiritual truths that I knew to be true but I couldn't actually feel them in my body. Remember we still have to use our intention, will, and desire to bring ourselves to wholeness, to bring ourselves to enlightenment. The journey still requires discipline, will power, intention, and integrity. Think of ourselves as a boat, and toxins as an anchor. We can cut the anchor, but we still have to navigate the ship!

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