The Importance of Doing A Colonic While Detoxing

We live in such a toxic environment that it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure to toxins and chemicals. Add having unhealthy eating habits and leading a stressful lifestyle to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for an unhealthy digestive system. When the food passes through the stomach, it moves to the large intestine. The colon, which is the first section of our large intestine, dehydrates the digested food preparing it for excretion. Over time, all the waste, toxins and chemicals from food and the environment accumulate. Many of us walk around with years worth of impacted toxins on the walls of our colon. This can lead to a number of health problems including low energy, indigestion, fatigue, irritability, and allergies. One of the many options you have in cleansing your digestive system is by doing a colonic. Performing a colonic clears residual waste from the intestinal tract by allowing warm, room temperature filtered water to flow through the rectum into the colon. The water is then released along with the fecal matter. Take note, however, that a colonic is not for everyone. You may have an existing condition that may be exacerbated by doing a colonic. It’s best to talk to your doctor for a medical evaluation first. There are several types of colonics. Colonic hydrotherapy uses a motor to enable the mechanical flow of warm water into the colon. This service is often offered in spas or detox centres where a professional can personally assist and supervise your session. Gravity colonic tends to be more comfortable as it uses gravity to facilitate the gentle movement of water in and out of the body without the use of a pressurized machine. Massaging the abdomen aids in breaking up the waste matter for easier excretion during a gravity colonic. When you massage your stomach for bowel movement, go from the bottom right around towards your ribs and towards the bottom left. When you do a colonic, massage from the left up to your ribs and back down again.

Doing A Colonic For Weight Loss, More Energy, Deeper Sleep and Detoxification

In this video, Josh Macin goes over all the items you need in order to do a colema, a cross between an enema and colonic, and explains the process of effectively cleansing the colon in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You will need a BPA-free 5 gallon jug with body temperature water, sturdy colema board, a surgical grade tube to siphon the water, and a rectal tip.

Is doing a colonic really necessary?

A healthy intestinal tract is an amazing step toward achieving remarkable health. Unfortunately, the average person whose diet consists of low fiber, sugary, processed foods tends to not have a healthy colon. It's true that the human body can eliminate waste on its own through the liver and kidneys. However, a colonic aids in the cleansing process. It’s especially helpful for people who may be suffering from constipation and irregular bowel movement. It’s also best when you are actively detoxing your body. Pin this post for later reading:

The Importance of Doing A Colonic While Detoxing
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