The Myth of Freedom

All my single friends:

...If I just had a woman’s touch, my life would be so much easier and better. I’d be so much happier...

All my married friends:

...Damn this woman is so frustrating to be with. If I was just single I’d have so much time and freedom to follow my dreams. What a relief it would be to be single again...

Surely when you are broke working the night shift, the pursuit of abundance and free time is the ticket to happiness. If you just had ‘x’ amount of money and ‘x’ amount of free hours in the week, you could live the life of your dreams...

Somehow then, when passive income is coming out of your ears, and unlimited free time at your disposal, one yearns for purpose and an opposing force to fight against again. Some Bitcoiners I know who became multi-millionaires by sitting on their ass are some of the most miserable people I know. Drugs, alcohol, and degenerate behaviors plague them because all they have is free time. Idle hands make the devil’s workshop...

What about signing up to complete a big project or complete a big task? While in the midst of it, I find myself just wishing it was over. Ugh once this project is done I will have so much time on my hands, and then surely I’ll be happy again.

Or I remember when I used to work in an office, I would convince myself that when the weekend arrived I would finally be happy…

Surely every time I hop over to the other side of the fence, the grass isn’t really greener. I am left with the same general feeling of lack. Missing something. Always yearning for something different than what I have...

This myth of freedom is one of the greatest tricks of the universe. If you think that once you hop that fence you’ll be able to be present, you are only left with the fools gold.

The trick is to choose presence now irrespective of circumstances. There are no perfect circumstances that will arrive that will allow you to be more present. There are no reasons and excuses not to be present. Present with the pain. Present with another. Present with longings, wantings, yearnings. Present with aspirations. Present with breath. Presence is a practice..

What is in your way of being present?

Life gets very simple when we no longer have a destination tricking us into constant action.

Instead, action coming from the desire to give, the desire to incarnate our highest beingness, & the desire to be present for life is much more fruitful.

“Marriage is like a besieged castle; those who are on the outside wish to get in; and those who are on the inside wish to get out.”


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