Avoid This One Thing if You Have Chronic Fatigue, Depression, or Lyme

Struggling with digestive issues? Chronic fatigue? Depression? Low energy? One of the most important tips for optimal health is simply chewing one's food thoroughly. Because of social pressure and the constant hum of anxiety, most of us are forcing food down our throats and our meals are primarily a social gathering. If you saw the difference in your digestion from simply chewing your food more thoroughly, you would make it a life priority. I believe that it is very hard to make progress in chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, depression, lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity if we are not chewing our food thoroughly. The Chinese medicine men used to say to chew your liquid and drink your solids. This means to make everything "yours" before you swallow it. Coating it with your particular digestive enzymes in your saliva makes your body much more easily digest the food. Also, when the food is pureed, your digestive system has a much easier time with it. Digestion starts in the mouth! Chew yo food!  

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