Distilled Water LEADS TO EARLY DEATH ? ? 🤦💦

Hey guys, Drinking clean water is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Your water becomes your cells and your blood. We really need to make sure it’s high quality water. Most people are drinking toxic tap water which has fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs, and other toxins. Their elixir of life is a very low vibrational elixir that prevents them from connecting to high levels of consciousness. I believe that if you change your water, you can change your destiny. I like foraging spring water from findaspring.com but that is not always accessible for people. Furthermore, some believe that drinking too much spring water can lead to arthritis and organic mineral deposits in the body. So I like drinking a combination of distilled water and spring water to be safe. I try to drink 50/50 spring and distilled. Not mixing them together in the same jar, but having distilled for a few days, and then spring for a few days. Some claim that distilled water leaches minerals from the body. Mercola has a bogus article on the internet about how it causes an early death. I don’t buy it. First of all, many who have dove deep with the science are showing that distilled water only leeches inorganic minerals from the body. Minerals from the rocks and clay, that haven’t passed through a plant source. Second, even if it does leach minerals from the body, on the detox dudes diet one consumes so many minerals from superfoods that there is no way the distilled can keep up. Third, I strategically remineralize my distilled water to nullify the problem even moreso! The best distiller on the market is the AquaNui. Made in the good `ol USA, no plastic parts, AND great customer service. Don’t buy Chinese distillers, they are shit and will break on you in a few months! Buy one distiller and use it for 10 years. Buy the Aqua Nui here - (use discount code ‘detoxdudes’ for 5% off !!!) The countertop distiller will suffice for most people. I like remineralizing my water with: 20 drops EarthShift minerals 20 drops TRACE (scroll down to bottom) 2 tsp EarthShift Silica 1 tsp Pink SaltGlass Gallon Jug

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