How I Cured My Acne Naturally

In this video I share with you some epic and natural remedies for treating acne. I've been waiting for three months to film this video, but I didn't have any acne so I couldn't film it! Since detoxing, I do not get acne anymore. And this is incredible because I used to get terrible cystic acne and even got an rx for accutane before I had my mental breakdown. I never took the accutane, but I came really close. Acne was a traumatizing experience. My consciousness was always thinking about my pimples instead of actually thinking about the person that I am talking to or the experience that I was supposed to be having. I am here to tell you something different than all the other b.s. you have been fed about acne. Forget the proactive, and all of the stuff that you put on your actual face. Acne is an inside-out remedy. First, in Chinese medicine, acne is the heart bleeding/crying. The long term solution to acne is to deeply feel one's emotions and not repress. Especially men, because men are champions at repressing emotions. If one is in a lot of emotional pain, the body will release the excess buildup in the form of acne. Two things that can completely change the acne game are Sea Salt and Enterosgel. Why is salt important? Because most people have pounds of toxic backup lodged inside their intestines, and this creates a cesspool of bad bacteria and weakening of the immune system. As we remove the toxins from our intestines, our resistance to viruses and bacteria go way up. When the body is dealing with pounds of backup, the immune system is overloaded with tasks on a regular basis and this toxicity will come out in the form of acne. A salt-water flush (using sea salt) is an excellent way of removing old backup. Click here for Salt-water flush Instructions Enterosgel Instructions:  2-3 tbsp in water a couple times per day. It is a binder and will bind to bacteria, heavy metals, and other toxins. I've used as much as 1 bottle per day when I was really detoxing hard.  

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