How To Balance Your Heavy Metal/Parasite Detox

Hey folks, In this video I share a lesson that took me many years to learn. When I first started the spiritual journey towards peace, I thought that all of the answers rested in our will, intention, and consciousness. That if we simply chose love every minute, that we would be love, that we would feel love. Then I swayed to the other end of the pendulum when I found out about mercury toxicity, and I felt that ALL of the answers were simply in detoxifying the body from toxins like heavy metals, parasites, and plastics. Recently, after taking a long break from supplements, and diving deep with meditation, I feel the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We must not forget that we are divine beings and constantly searching externally for the answers is not a sustainable model. We must come at this journey from a place of wholeness, even if we are not whole. I know people who have been obsessively detoxing for 5+ years who still have no peace inside. This is because we must cultivate our own peace, our own thread towards the light with will and intention.


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