How To Heal & Soothe Leaky Gut (Powerful Supplements and Foods)

Before you start a heavy metal (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, aluminum, etc.) detox, you must make sure that your gut is healed. If you don't, it's very possible that your health could get a whole lot worse. In fact, if your gut is not given the attention it deserves, you can actually redistribute metals throughout your body... mainly because they're being reabsorbed by the gut, and circulated throughout your bloodstream. Heal the gut before diving deeper with detox! Some great supplements for gut healing are: Colostrum - Slippery Elm - Aloe Vera - Licorice Root - Acacia - And don't forget purple cabbage juice! :) Like this video? I just created a new free webinar to teach you more about detox. Go here  

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