How To Recover From Ejaculation

Hi Folks. Today in detox class we are going to be talking about EJACULATION! For most spiritually aware, conscious, and present men, ejaculation will be a big deal. The few days following ejaculation one can experience fatigue, lethargy, and just the lack of zest for life. Some dudes will say that they can ejaculate every day and be "totally fine" but in my experience these men are just not in tune with themselves. I have never met a spiritually in-tune male that doesn't experience a drop in spiritual and/or physical energy the day after ejaculation. Anyway, ejaculation is a a huge deal. It leads to a loss in minerals, loss in life force (qi) and in French they even call it a petit mort! Which means little death. This is our seed, our life seed that we create new life with. So when we lose it we tend to be more relaxed, less gung ho about our goals, and just less of an animal. If you want to read more about why excessive ejaculation is detrimental to our health, make sure you read this post here.  BUT I have found some cool recipes that help replenish the jing, qi, and life force to all those who need it. Watch this video below to get this kick-ass, nutrient dense, superfood pudding that will revitalize you the day after ejaculation. Ingredients: 4-8 Egg Yolks 20 drops trace mineral drops 10 tbsp Bragg Olive Oil 2 dropperfuls of Herb Pharm Male Vitality  2 scoops Vital proteins Collagen  2-4 oz Coconut Milk 2 tbsp Hemp Seeds  1/2 avocado Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops Bonus items: (Best Outside Smoothie) Ho She WouEucommia 


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