Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

My friends. We have to love ourselves like our life depends on it. On this difficult journey of life, we must become our best friends for maximal peace and healing. It is important we don't treat ourselves the way that the world is treating us. We have to establish self-love on the inside, and then the rest of the world acts in accordance with that relationship one has with self. We act as these little antennas, receiving exactly where it is that we are vibrating at, where it is that our consciousness resides.We must forge a relationship with ourselves from a place of integrity, compassion, love, and honesty. How is it that we can become our best friends? First we must understand that the feeling of love is not available to everybody. It is a frequency and some people are too sick to even feel it. But after enough days of ingraining this new habit, some frequency comes in, becomes available for us. Even in the sadness, I have unconditional love for myself. The unconditional love comes in as a soothing medicine for the wounded parts of myself. Remember that most of us are actually doing the best we can. And the machismo attitude of "sleep when your dead" or "5am club" will never heal our wounds. Maybe it can make us less lazy and make more money, but in my experience it makes us more exhausted. Self-love also entails having boundaries and recognizing ones sovereignty. It is our job and our birthright and our mission to unravel the bull shit and to become free again. To become love again. To become whole again. And you can;'t do that when you live life for other people. Self-love is to live life for YOU again. Thanks to Kamal Ravikant for this amazing book: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It  

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