Natures Adderall

This one thing is sucking the life out of you, your time, AND your bank account. Can you remember the last time you were fully focused on what you were doing? I mean seriously present… Like a Hawk zeroing in on a prairie mouse. Chances are it's been a while.   And in today's day in age that's not at all uncommon. In fact… It’s apart of the masses. We live in a stimulated world Flashy colors and fake news come at us at all angles. Technological dependence is the highest it's ever been. The world is like a vacuum of mental clarity and it's just getting worse. Look at Chronic conditions like ADD/ADHD. The rate of clinical diagnosis are increasing by 5% per year. That's a substantial number! Imagine if fast food restaurants were increasing the size of their 25 cent soft drink by 5% per year… We’d have kids with diabetes running around rampant! Oh wait… That’s besides the point. The point is that with an increase in stimulation there is a decrease in focus. And more often than not we compensate for that lack of focus with artificial sources of energy. Artificial stimulants that make us feel like an animal at the top of the productivity food chain. For many it's caffeine.. For others it's something more intense like Adderall. Which if you don't know what that is, essentially its legal meth prescribed to over 140 million people worldwide. But here's the thing about drowning oneself in artificial stimulants. IT’S DRAINING Its depleting. It's like a Succubus of mental energy in the long run. Sucking the life out of you, your time, and certainly your bank account. So what is the solution and Is there a way to maintain hours upon hours of energy and clear mental focus? Fortunately The Detox Dudes have put together a list of all natural remedies to help you become unstoppable in your productivity.

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