Hey guys, Wanted to introduce you to a revolutionary new healing tool. It's called the Joov Red Light Therapy device. We are basically solar panels, and light is basically food. Hence this technology is awesome for feeding our cells! I genuinely believe in this technology, otherwise I wouldn't be recommending it. The guys at Joov do a great job explaining how it works, so I'll copy and paste from their website. After you read the information below, make sure to check out my video so you can hear about my experience. ________________

"Light is a lot Like Food

Just like whole food can be broken down into different vitamins and minerals, sunlight can be broken down into different colors. And just like the nutrients in whole food, each color in sunlight has its own effect on our bodies. The wavelengths of visible light are tiny, ranging from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter, or 400-700 nanometers (nm). Each wavelength defines the color as we see it. And each color has its own unique properties and penetrates your body in different ways.

So How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Once absorbed into your body, light energy is converted into cellular energy, which kicks off a series of metabolic events like the formation of new capillaries, elevated production of collagen, and the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which helps enhance healthy cellular function![1] Light therapy has been approved by the FDA and its effectiveness has been studied throughout the world. Red light in the mid-600 nm range and near infrared light in the mid-800 nm range have been proven time and time again—which is why we designed the Joovv Lightto emit wavelengths in those ranges.

Why LED Light Therapy is Different

LEDs allow for more usable light because of their tight wavelength span. They generate very little heat and are incredibly durable. And because they're so efficient, LEDs are considered more eco-friendly than incandescent or fluorescent sources. Without a doubt, LEDs are the preferred delivery mechanism for light therapy.

The Many Benefits of Red Light Therapy

There are so many proven benefits that it's hard to list them all, but here are just a few.

  • Repairs sun- or acne-related skin damage[2]
  • Enhances muscle recovery and peak performance[3]
  • Fades scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks[4]
  • Speeds wound healing[4]
  • Reduces joint inflammation[5]
  • Helps with infertility[6]

Need we say more? I think you get the point. Red light therapy really works! " Go here to order your Joov today. There is a free 60 day trial and you can use my coupon code 'DETOXDUDES' for 25$ off!

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