Rich Man's Detox!

In this video, I show you one of my multi-millionaire clients and how he has his house set up for detoxification. This client was going through some rough fatigue and depression and was having a hard time juggling his life. Six months into heavy metal and parasite detoxification (Plus nutrient dense superfoods), he has quit coffee, and feeling more productive and alert than he ever has before. In the video I show you his full-house reverse osmosis system, waverider EMF system, SaunaSpace near infrared sauna, different supplements and superfoods for heavy metal and parasite detoxification, I recently watched the video again and realize that it may have come across that you can only afford these things if you are mega-wealthy. I just want to clarify: You really don't have to be that wealthy to be able to afford all of the gadgets and supplements he has, you just have to be devoted! I more-so just wanted to show off the Lamborghini :) Don't allow this video to give you the excuse to say "I can't afford that."  

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