School of Life

One message that I preach on my website is that a school of life is an incredible form of education. I am not a doctor but I do feel as though I have been through the “Harvard” school of life. According to the modern paradigm, I am not fit to help individuals with healing. I don’t have “credentials” for it. From a deeper standpoint, it’s hard for me to understand how I am not suitable to help people. I had a completely broken brain and broken body and I have put the pieces back together. How could somebody who hasn’t been through hell relate to somebody who is in hell? Of course they can have sympathy and compassion, but how can they have true empathy? When I talk to somebody who has a broken brain, I know exactly what hoops they are jumping through and what mental gymnastics is taking place. To them, my understanding of their torment is my greatest gift of all. Did you know much of the early LSD research revolved around the “model psychosis” approach? Where researchers would take LSD in order to better relate to a psychotic episode. If our modern day psychotherapist, behavioral therapist, or psychiatrist who works with schizophrenics could take one hit of acid, or have one magic mushroom experience, these fields would evolve centuries overnight. I have a friend who is a behavioral therapist who has experienced extreme states of consciousness through hallucinogens and he is essentially a “schizophrenic-whisperer”, being one of the few in his office who can deeply relate to these individuals. I view my journey as a message from God, from the divine, or from the universe. Kind of like a “Hey dude we are going to put you through the most grueling health journey imaginable, and if you get through it, you have no choice but to help other people.” How else can the Earth heal itself? The people in the darkness are completely lost if they don’t have a guide. It’s hard for these people to relate to somebody who hasn’t been through the shit, it’s just a fact. It’s a nice ego-boost to get a letter like this. There are several doctors who have purchased my video coaching program or reached out to learn more, and I just view it as a message that I am on the right path. The days of a medical degree entitling one to their ivory tower are over. Doctors are still bad-ass, and I hope to go to naturopathic school one day, but a new era has arisen. Your school of life is presenting itself in front of you on a daily basis. It’s not found here on Facebook. It’s not found on Instagram. Quiet the mind. Feel your emotions. Cry the pain of the little child inside. Only then will you be given your destiny.


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