Severe Anxiety, Panic, Depression? DON'T DETOX HEAVY METALS

NEW WEBINAR, FO FREE! Go here ➡️ New Podcast (The Free Macin Podcast) Subscribe on iTunes ➡️ The Podcast website ➡️ The Detox Dudes ➡️ Ladies and gentlemen. You MUST go slow and steady if you are experiencing severe mental unrest. You must not "detox" your body for many months, until you can create a stable foundation. The first steps would be to heal the gut, calm the nervous system down, and prepare for launch. You cannot launch off a house of cards, you will only do more damage to your body and psyche. The trick is to spend several months healing the gut, and orchestrating your life around a detox protocol. The problem that we are facing today is that we are extremely malnourished as well as toxic, and what happens when we detoxify the body is that we actually lose minerals as well. Minerals often represent metals to the body. That is why the cell accepts them in the first place. So if we immediately detox the body, we further strip and deplete the body of minerals. This will cause even more imbalance, neuroses, and even further destroy the integrity of the intestinal lining.

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