Are These The Healthiest Homemade Protein Bars Ever?

When you go down the road of detoxing, committing to a strict healthy diet is imperative. This means you need to get rid of anything that does not serve you in this journey—sugar, inorganic produce, processed food, and unfiltered water. You will probably spend a considerable amount of time preparing meals in the kitchen. While this is quite manageable, it can be challenging to find anything in groceries that you can eat while you’re out and about. Even the protein bars health stores sell can be laden with sugar and additives.

Today, we’re sharing a simple recipe for an organic, nutritious, low-sugar homemade protein bar. Prepare it at home, take some with you, and stay faithful to your diet plan without starving. The measurements are customizable and you can tweak it depending on how much protein bars you plan on making. If you have been following The Detox Dudes for a while, you know that raw egg yolks from healthy grass-fed, free-range, organic chickens are an important part of our diet plan. The yolks contain lecithin, which is a powerful source of choline. This protein bar will allow you to use the egg whites that would otherwise be thrown out.

The Detox Dudes Homemade Protein Bars: 

Here’s everything you’ll need:

2 tablespoons Kerrygold butter (melted)

3 tablespoons organic coconut oil (melted)

6 organic, pastured egg whites

2 heaping tablespoons of raw, organic cacao powder

A dash of organic cayenne pepper powder

A dash of organic ginger powder

3-4 full droppers of organic liquid stevia

2 scoops of Garden Of Life chocolate protein powder

1-2 tablespoons of any nut butter you have

3 drops of peppermint essential oil

Blended pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, soaked & sun-dried almonds

Icelandic Flaky Sea Salt

Bonus Item: 2-3 tablespoons of Surthrival Colostrum


Start by greasing a saucepan with olive oil. This is where you will be putting the mixture later on.

In a bowl, mix the butter, coconut oil, and egg whites. Beat the egg whites to make the give it a good texture. Slowly add in the rest of the ingredients and make sure everything mixes together. The actual amounts of each of the ingredients don’t need to be exact. You may need more or less powder or liquid. The consistency of the mixture should resemble brownie batter. If you want to add a little more sweetness, you can use Raw Food World Fruit Monk extract or Dragon Herbs Sweetfruit Drops.

Then put the mixture into the saucepan. Make sure to spread it evenly. Place the saucepan into the oven and bake at 350 °F for twenty minutes. The end result would look like a big sheet of brownie. Slice it into nice clean squares once it cools off. Enjoy it at home or bring it with you on the go. It’s a guilt-free low sugar nutrient-dense treat without fillers or additives. Want a neat little bonus? Add butter and coconut oil on top before heating it for added flavor.

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Are These The Healthiest Homemade Protein Bars Ever?
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