Schizophrenic vs. Shaman (Context is King)

I'm going to give you the key to a happy healthy life.

It's not what you think.

In fact it's rather contradictory to common belief. You see, in Western culture especially, the conception is  money and material makes the man. Success is measured by the number of zeros in a bank account, or the amount of cars parked in a garage.

Now, although these things may bring temporary feelings of aliveness, the potency of those feelings dwindles over time. And this isn’t any new news to you.

Status symbols may stroke the ego enough such that we think were happy.. But if these external symbols don't reflect who you are internally, then happiness can begin to dissipate.

The key to happiness. The paramount factor in living a fulfilling life doesn't require an excessive amount of dollars or “things”. It doesn't even require a certain degree of status (although both these things might help in being a vehicle for such).

It simply requires

The context by which the world occurs to you frames your relationship to the world.

Let's look at a Shaman vs a Schizophrenic for example..

What might be considered mental illness in one culture, has a completely different occurrence to another culture. In the western world, a Schizophrenic is perceived as an individual that needs treatment. In other cultures the exact same symptoms would istead define the characteristics of a spiritual and ceremonial leader with a divine connection to the spirit world.

In other words…

It's all contextual.

And context is shaped by occurence.

And occurrence shapes the context by which you relate to the world.

So how does this fit into living a happy healthy life?

It's simple.. And it comes down to awareness and choice.

By having awareness in how the world occurs to you. You can have powerful choice in framing the context by which you relate to the world. That my friends, is a powerful way to live.

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