Spring Water

Hey folks, I want to talk today about one of the most important changes we can make for our health. Water is the elixir of life - our body is made up of 70% of it and it fuels every cellular process. We basically are water, so let’s make sure we are putting the best possible water into our bodies. Tap water all around the country has been found time and time again to contain pharmaceutical drugs, toxic metals, viruses and pathogens, and hundreds of other chemicals. Some people think bottled water is the solution? Very wrong. Unfortunately, most bottled water is just as toxic – and through transportation in hot conditions, dangerous levels of BPA are also leached into the water. If somebody is serious about their life, happiness, or well-being they should never drink water from the tap. We hear a lot about local, organic, and wild food. But what about wild water? For the longest time I was recommending the Big Berkey water filter, and I still say that is the best 2nd option. However, as of recent, my body started sending me messages that I need to change the water I am drinking. When I would buy true spring water in the grocery store I would be really excited to drink water when I woke up in the morning. There was a crispness and refreshing feeling that I got when drinking the spring water. The big berkey felt a little flat and not as alive. Don’t worry, if you can’t feel the subtleties of foods/supplements/water that you are putting into your body yet. It can take a lot of time and work to get to that point. But as you start cleaning the junk and getting healthier, you’ll start building a relationship with your body that allows you to have these insights. Why Spring Water? Spring water is the cleanest and best water in the world. Simply put, it has more life force than any other water we can drink. It contains beneficial microbes, microalgae and dissolved solids that fuels life in our bodies. Fresh water from Earth is the way water was meant to drink because our bodies are biologically adapted to it. What is a spring? At a basic level, a spring is the Earth’s way of creating pockets of clean, nutrient-rich water for us humans to drink. This water has been filtered by the Earth’s substrate which is more bad-ass than any man-made water filtration system. Water comes down from rain (which contain impurities) onto the surface of the land. The surface of the land is covered by soil, and underneath that is rock. Some of these rocks are impervious, and other layers are permeable. So the water travels through the permeable rocks and once it reaches a layer of clay it can go no further.  It then travels downhill into aquifers which fill up and then spit the water back up through the earth. Most of the times these aquifers are super clean because they have been around for thousands of years, since before man fucked up the surface of the Earth. Some people are hesitant to drink spring water because it touches all kinds of leaves, insects, and other plants and organisms along it’s route. But the truth is that the acids that are found in decomposing leaves and earthly matter are the exact types of acids that are then sold to us in the form of humic and fulvic acid supplements. Also, probiotics that are SBO’s (soil based organisms) are found naturally in the Earth this same way. So this water is super safe and beneficial. How do we get spring water? I think drinking spring water on a regular basis is enough to make huge shifts in someone's health and vitality. Buying all of this spring water from the grocery store is expensive. The first month I did it and I spent almost $200 a month on water alone. A better option is that you can order bulk delivery from a company like Mountain Valley Spring. But then I remembered an old site (and the best option) that I totally forgot about. Find A Spring Find a spring in your area, bring a 5 gallon car-boy or water-brick with you and cheers to a healthier life!


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